Cure arthritis without drugs

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Dec 14, 2012

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While today is the era of development in science and technology, medicine may not be the only solution for a problem. In a similar case, one may even cure arthritis without drugs.


One of the most effective ways to treat arthritis is physiotherapy and a regular exercise. This means of curing the disease has been opted for by many patients. It has always been proven useful. While it helps in the movement of the joints of the body, physiotherapy also contributes in making the affected area hardly prone to stiffness and pain. The blood circulation remains correct leading to the overall health.


A healthy diet without any oily food is another way to cure arthritis. A diet consisting of green leafy vegetables, soya, avocados, keeping the fried foods, whole fat milk aside, is a healthy option for an arthritis affected body.


Such related changes in the way of living also of the people who are otherwise not arthritic will surely help gain a healthy mind and body, without any aches, pains or abnormalities.


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