Crash Dieting Side Effects: Here’s How The Body Suffers When We Crash Diet

You may lose inches with crash diets, but it harms the body in various ways. Here are some effects of crash diets on our bodies

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jun 30, 2020 18:47 IST
Crash Dieting Side Effects: Here’s How The Body Suffers When We Crash Diet

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The idea of crash dieting is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of losing a few extra kilos. But, no matter how short-cut of a matter it sounds, it also has some glaring side-effects on our bodies. Crash dieting may help you get faster results, especially those who have more water weight in their body, but it can also make you regret if the diet continues for a longer duration. One should know that our body may hint at subtle signs whether the diet is effective enough not to hamper the overall functioning of the body. Hence, we always hear how experts stress the need for adopting a healthy lifestyle over going on sudden drastic diets. Therefore, to dig a little deeper, here are some reasons why one must think over adopting a healthy lifestyle over going on crash diets:


Affects The Metabolism Rate

Imagine what the body may go through when suddenly put on an extensive or a rigid diet with very few calorie-count? The sudden weight loss may directly lead to muscle loss, which in turn slows down the metabolism. A higher metabolism is more weight loss, a phenomenon that we all know. But giving the body lesser nutrients or calories may lead to natural weight loss. Still, it could also reduce the metabolic rate, which increases the risk of obesity and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Hence, do not stop eating. A diet is to supplement the body with required supplements for a healthy weight loss or weight management.  

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Attacks The Immunity And Immune Functioning

Immunity is our body’s ability to fight toxins. A strong immunity means lesser chances of getting cold and cough, but also protects us from many diseases, including hepatitis, lung infection, kidney infection. Immunity greatly depends on what and how we eat. Hence, going on crash diets means not giving the body certain calories or nutrients, which could become reasons for a compromised immunity. If you feel that you are sick more often than others, complain of cold, cough, sore throat or skin rashes, especially after going on a crash diet, think of it to be a repercussion of the diet. Consult a specialist for better diagnosis and root cause.

Some immunity-booster foods that one must in include in their diet, explains Nutritionist Dr Swati Bathwal:

Trigger Lifestyle/Heart-Related Issues

Diets can undoubtedly help you get your weight in control, leading to controlled cholesterols, blood sugar levels, and more, but it can increase the stress on the heart too. Hence, those who are prone to heart diseases or have a history of the same; it is not advisable to go on crash diets just like that. More than anything, it should be a thoughtful process where the person with heart issues or a history of heart problems should always consult a dietician or a heart specialist to go in for heart-friendly diet.

Could Lead To Eating Disorders

Going on a crash diet means the urge to lose weight in a short period. In several cases, this can turn awry when the person might not feel very happy when they look at food, thinking it would make them fat. Moreover, this turns into something, which affects the mind more than anything. It could become an eating disorder, where the mind starts to reject food or in some cases, leading to excessive eating. Eating disorder is a kind of mental disorder, in which a person sometimes eats more than necessary, sometimes eats very rarely, So much so that his weight decreases and body mass also decreases, due to which he becomes a victim of anorexia nervosa. Some kinds of eating disorders that we name below:


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Here’s how essential lifestyle tips can help you overcome the aftermaths of a crash diet:

  • Eat healthy and timely meals. Skipping meals will not accelerate healthy weight loss.
  • Stay hydrated as going on specific diets may make you feel more dehydrated than normal.
  • One must know that going on diets may lead to muscle loss too, with water weight and kilos from the body. Hence, it should be a mix of a healthy diet and basic exercises to look for a healthy weight loss.
  • If not exercising, walk as walking is one of the best exercises to stay fit. Set your goal for the day and try to achieve that


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