COVID-19 News: CDC Updates Details About Aerosols Transmission Of Coronavirus Infection

COVID-19 world news: WHO sticks to guidelines on coronavirus airborne transmission.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 23, 2020Updated at: Sep 23, 2020
COVID-19 News: CDC Updates Details About Aerosols Transmission Of Coronavirus Infection

Information related to the prevention and spread of corona infection is continuously being published by the United States-based CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). However, the CDC has now withdrawn information related to the coronavirus infection and has attributed the error to the published draft. The CDC (on Monday), made some changes in the information about the spread of coronavirus infection through aerosols. However, the CDC has not clarified whether the corona is spread through aerosols (in this latest update).


It has been said that if someone infected with the corona coughs or sneezes, it will cause infection in people sitting around it. It has been informed through a message on the CDC's official website that the CDC is currently updating its Coronavirus suggestions, including airborne Coronavirus infection. Updated information in this subject will be published soon. 

Fresh suggestions are as follows

It has been said that this infection mainly spreads from one person to another. The main reason for this is very close contact with the infected person. People who sit with an infected person up to 6 feet away can spread the infection. This is especially the case when an infected person sneezes or coughs. At this time, small droplets coming out of his mouth and nose can infect a person sitting nearby by entering his body through nose and mouth.


  • The only change in language: After this, on Friday, giving information in this matter, it was said (on behalf of the agency) that based on the information that was reported that droplets could also transmit the infection of coronavirus and airborne particles more than 6 feet.

  • No longer referring to aerosols: Besides, coronaviruses can also be spread through very fine particles such as aerosols. Such fine aerosols are transmitted even when inhaled by humans. But now there is no mention of aerosols in the information provided by the CDC.

Changes on asymptomatic transmission too

The language has also been changed on the information given by the CDC about the infection by the A-Symptomatic people. It was said earlier that people who are infected with this virus but are not showing symptoms, they can also spread corona infection to other people. However, now it has been said that the disease of COVID-19 can also be spread by people who do not have symptoms of this virus. However, no changes are yet to be made by the World Health Organization.

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