COVID-19 News: Brazil Study Suggests, Dengue May Provide Immunity Against Coronavirus

Dengue becoming a 'defence shield' against novel coronavirus, research revealed in Asia and Latin America.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 22, 2020Updated at: Sep 22, 2020
COVID-19 News: Brazil Study Suggests, Dengue May Provide Immunity Against Coronavirus

COVID-19 Rio De Janeiro: There is good news for the whole world battling the coronavirus. A research conducted in Brazil has revealed a relationship between the spread of dengue and the coronavirus. This research has shown that dengue fever is becoming a defence shield against the coronavirus epidemic. Dengue is giving some degree of immunity to people, which is helping them fight the coronavirus. Professor Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University, (in a conversation with news agency Reuters), presented a comparative figure of the geographic spread of corona with dengue fever in the year 2019 and 2020. Nicolelis found that in countries where dengue outbreaks had spread very quickly this year, less and fewer coronavirus infection cases are being reported.

Research at Duke University

  • The study in Brazil states that 'This extraordinary information shows the possibility of a secret relationship between dengue virus antibodies and coronavirus. If this proves to be accurate, then an effective and safe vaccine designed for infection or elimination of dengue can also provide some degree of protection against the coronavirus.' The research team found that this relationship between dengue and coronavirus has been found in other parts of Latin America as well as countries in Asia and the Pacific Ocean.'

  • The professor said that these figures are also fascinating because earlier research showed that people who have dengue antibodies in their blood were getting false positive in the coronavirus antibody test. That too, when they have never had a coronavirus infection. Nicolelis said that this was an indication that there was some immune-related relationship between the two viruses that no one expected.


Professor Nicolelis said that this is because both viruses come from different species. This research is going to be published in a scientific journal soon. It will be told that the coronavirus in Brazil, (which suffers from dengue), is causing fewer deaths and infections than other parts of the world. There have been 44 lakh cases of coronavirus in Brazil. In India, people have been hugely affected by dengue last year and this year too.

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