Coronavirus Hidden Gene ORF3D Recognized! Might Be Effective In Developing Drugs And Vaccine

Identification of gene ORF3D that make corona 'lethal' will help in making the vaccine. Read more to know what this research says about it.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 12, 2020Updated at: Nov 12, 2020
Coronavirus Hidden Gene ORF3D Recognized! Might Be Effective In Developing Drugs And Vaccine

American scientists researching the coronavirus have found great success. Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History have identified the gene that gives it natural resistance and epidemic potential. This deadly gene (weapon) of Corona was still unknown. It is being told that due to this discovery, the work of making coronavirus vaccine or medicine is likely to be significantly strengthened. How will it help to make medicine or vaccine? According to the team of scientists of the American Museum of Natural History, 15 genes (the part responsible for keeping the genetic properties stored) in the genome of the coronavirus have been identified so far. This can have a significant effect on developing medications or vaccines against this virus. The latest study has been published in the journal eLife.

Gene ORF3D and its effect on coronavirus

 Gene ORF3D

The gene identified by researchers within the genes of SARS Cove-2 (Coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 disease) is named ORF3D. This gene can encode proteins more than expected. ORF3D was also present in the previously discovered pangolin coronavirus, indicating that this gene underwent a sequence of evolution during the development of SARS-Cove-2 and related viruses.

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How does this gene act as a deadly weapon of coronavirus?

 deadly weapon of coronavirus

It is believed that it plays an essential role in replicating the virus in the body of the infected. Chase Nelson, working at the American Museum of Natural History and the lead author of the research paper, said the gene contained within the gene could be a weapon of the coronavirus that might help the virus replicate and target the immunity of the infected. He said that the presence and function of genes within genes could open avenues for a new way of controlling the coronavirus.

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Gene ORF3D fights with antibodies to corona: According to the study, ORF3D was independently identified and found that it acts powerfully against antibodies made to fight disease in a COVID-19 patient. This demonstrated that a new type of protein formed during the transition from a new gene to humans. Nelson said that we still do not know its function or therapeutic value, but can predict that the T-cell (infection-fighting cell) is rarely identified by this gene to produce antibodies to combat it.

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