Coronavirus Alert: Find Out The Top 7 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home

You should pay special attention to the cleaning of these 7 things in your home.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: May 25, 2020 20:39 IST
Coronavirus Alert: Find Out The Top 7 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home

Coronavirus has taught us the importance of cleanliness! Although everyone cleans their house on normal days, these days experts from all over the world are suggesting that special attention should be paid to cleanliness. The only way to defeat the coronavirus is to take special care of cleanliness. According to experts, you should wash your hands frequently to avoid the coronavirus. But you must also know that germs and viruses are not only found in your hands but also many places of your home. Therefore, it is very important to clean the hands as well as the places where the virus is most likely to reach. Let us tell you the 7 dirtiest places in your house, which is very important to clean daily.

Door handles, knobs and electric switches 

After entering the house, people first touch the gate handle, knob and switchboard. After this, you can wash your hands and get rid of the virus. But when children or other members present in the house touch these places, then viruses and bacteria can enter their body through their hands. Therefore, clean knobs, handle and switches twice daily with the disinfectant chemical.



You love your pets as a member of your family and clean them regularly. But many germs and viruses do not affect humans but can make animals sick and reach other members of your house.


If you go out of the house to get the essentials, then even after returning, clean the hands thoroughly. But some experts believe that the coronavirus can enter the house through your clothes. Recently, scientists have also discovered how long the coronavirus can remain alive on clothes and how to wash clothes to avoid it.

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Keys and currency

The most suspicious these days is the spread of the coronavirus through notes and coins. Recently, the country's largest bank, State Bank of India, had warned its customers that the coronavirus could come through 2000 and 500 notes. Therefore, to avoid this, you must use the maximum online payment method.


Mobile phone

According to research, more germs are found on your mobile phone than in your toilet seat. The reason for this is that the mobile phone is the only thing that you use most often during the day. According to another research, a person touches his/her mobile on an average 2617 times a day. Therefore, proper cleaning of mobile is necessary.

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The dirtiest place in the kitchen 

The bacteria is most likely to be found in your kitchen. Apart from this, viruses can also reach your kitchen through food, packets and vegetables. The germs in your kitchen area are in the sponge (which washes your dishes). Apart from this, germs can also be present in kitchen sinks, microwaves, kitchen clothes, fridges and cutting boards etc. therefore, clean them daily.



Toilet cleaning is done by most of us, but often people pay less attention to cleaning the bathroom. While the bathroom also contains too many germs and bacteria, it can make you sick. So clean the bathroom corners, sink, shower handle, faucet etc. thoroughly. Along with this, clean the toothbrush holder and the soap-keeping area daily.

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