Fake News Alert! Know The Truth Behind India’s Coronavirus Myths

There are a lot of fake stories being spread in the nation related to the coronavirus outbreak. You must not believe any of them.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 23, 2020Updated at: Mar 23, 2020
Fake News Alert! Know The Truth Behind India’s Coronavirus Myths

We Indians are very easy to be fooled! We are extremely emotional and sensitive which is why we easily believe something without checking especially those living in undeveloped areas. The coronavirus pandemic which has now reached India has made us all scared. The number of Coronavirus-positive cases is less but what is more, are the innumerable myths and misleading information surrounding this deadly virus. In this article, we have listed down some of those myths and the truth behind them.

1. Drinking cow urine prevent coronavirus

cow urine

We worship ‘Cows’ in our country but that doesn’t mean their byproducts are an elixir. While cow urine and cow dung are being considered and used for traditional remedies, these are not effective in fighting coronavirus, as claimed by various people. Cow urine does possess anti-bacterial properties but these are not sufficient to kill coronavirus. There is no scientific evidence that cow urine has anti-viral properties to kill coronavirus in the body.

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2. Drinking water would flush out COVID-19 virus from the body

Well, drinking water is good for health but it is not a coronavirus medicine. This myth is being spread that drinking water in every 15 minutes could protect you against COVID-19. People are spreading these rumors that drinking water would flush out the virus from the body and you’d be safe. Read what the press information bureau of India has to say on this.

3. 'Anti-coronavirus' mattress

Soon after Coronavirus hit India, this advertisement was everywhere. In the times of pandemic, some businessmen took this as an opportunity to increase their sales by spreading false news. This so-called ‘anti-coronavirus’ mattress sold for 15,000 rupees caught the eyes of many and some people even bought it! After a report against the manufacturer, the ad was removed.

coronavirus mattress

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4. Meat causes coronavirus

Soon after the Coronavirus outbreak in the seafood market in Wuhan city of China, people presumed that eating meat is the reason behind this. This is absolutely false. Vegetarianism is a good practice though to minimize the infections, it is not the sole cause of n-COVspread. This is an autoimmune condition that targets people with poor immunity. Vegetarian food is good for the body as it suffices the nutritional needs of the human body which builds the immune system. This is a positive angle but convert into a vegetarian to prevent coronavirus is fake news. Press Information Bureau and Union minister Giriraj Singh refuted these rumors in their tweets.

5. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer is the best

Have you seen the cow urine sanitizer in the market? It is been sold since 2018 but after the coronavirus outbreak, it was advertised a lot. The admirers of cowpathy believe that this is better than the alcohol-based sanitizers in killing coronavirus. The irony is that people are buying and using this for COVID-19 prevention.

WHO has insisted on using alcohol-based sanitizers only to minimize the risk of coronavirus. According to scientists, homemade or herbal sanitizers are ineffective.

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