23 Contact Lenses Removed From Forgetful Patients's Eye, Know 5 Hygeine Tips For Contact Wearers

23 contact lenses were removed from a forgetful patient's eye. Here are some hygeine tips contact lens wearers should follow. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 16, 2022 09:44 IST
23 Contact Lenses Removed From Forgetful Patients's Eye, Know 5 Hygeine Tips For Contact Wearers

In a recent viral video, a doctor in California removed 23 contact lenses, stuck in a patient's eye as she forgot to remove them each night and put on new ones every morning. The doctor shared the lens removal pictures and video, of removing them one by one from the patient's eye. The doctor wrote "I got to deliver the contact lens bunch in my office yesterday". She further added, "I had to use a very fine surgical instrument a jeweler's forceps to separate contact lenses. They were essentially glued together after sitting under the eyelid for a month."

She further said, "Contact lenses naturally come slightly tinted as light blue to provide UV block protection. I did use a special stain called Flourox that changed that Blue tint to green." People should wear contact lens properly while taking care of many hygeine tips. If handled recklessly, these wearables can lead to eye infections, and even vision loss. Read the article further to know about important hygeine tips for contact lens wearers

Contact lens hygeine tips 

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Listed below are five contact lens hygeine tips that you should keep in mind: 

1. Wash your hands

Our hands are covered with a lot of germs, thus it is better to wash and clean them properly before putting in or taking out your contact lens. Ensure to use clear, lotion-free soap, and dry your hands well. 

2. Get regular eye exams 

Even if you are a contact lens wearer or not, it is better to get a regular detailed eye examination by an optometrist, once or two times a year. It is a healthy practice to get your eyes checked. It helps in making sure that you stay on top of your eye health and prevent any eye conditions. 

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3. Do not share your contact lens with others 

Sharing contact lenses is a line you must not cross, even if it is with a family member or your best friend. Whether it is your prescribed lenses or coloured contact lenses, sharing and swapping of lenses can lead to eye infections and other problems such as corneal ulcers.

4. Do not sleep/shower with contact lens

It is vital to let your cornea breathe because sleeping with your contact lenses on can lead to redness, soreness and potential infections of the eyes. Make sure to remove the contact lenses before going to bed at night. In addition, make sure to not sleep or shower with contact lenses on. 

5. Clean contact lenses everyday 

Unless you use daily disposable contact lenses, it is important to disinfect and clean your contact lenses everyday. Make sure to clean your contacts properly and effectively, and you need to use doctor prescribed lens care solutions.