Common worries that aren’t worth stressing about

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Sep 12, 2017
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  • People experience short-lived periods of worry in their lives.
  • Worrying is like rocking chair but doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Worrying technically is synonymous with misuse of self-power.

Most people experience short-lived periods of worry in their lives. Worrying is like a rocking chair which gives you something to do but doesn’t really get you anywhere. Worrying technically is synonymous with misuse of self-power, energy and imagination, which makes people fear the “what if”. This kind of thinking doesn’t really do much, other than paralyzing you mentally.

The best part is that even if those things that we worry about actually happen, they won’t cause damage as bad as what we expect. Here are some common worries we should not hold dear at all.

Worrying that you cannot take time off

When you think of taking time off from work for a trip, you will most likely also give the catastrophic perceptions of others a thought. You would think of the impact your absence may cause to your work, relationships, etc.  Ideally, what we think would happen is time and again, far from reality!

It is human nature to take breaks as it helps you to restore mentally and physically. In fact, even the top CEOs of companies or the president of USA takes vacations.

When you feel terrible at speaking in front of a crowd

People generally fear and avoid talking in public. Your ability to speak confidently, fostering a strong professional network can either make or break your career.
Honestly, no one is perfect in life, but you can always strive for that perfection. You can sign up for classes, watch self-help videos and practice. You will be surprised to learn that you had more potential than you think you did.

When you think your partner doesn’t truly love you

This is a very common fear among people. They feel scared to get close to someone because of the fear of rejection. This apparently is a universal fear and humanizing self-love is very important.

When you think your success would alienate your friends

People tend to think that if they get a promotion at work or buy a new apartment, their friends would alienate them. If you think your successes would make others feel inadequate, you really have to leave that feeling behind. When you follow your dreams and strive through your way forward, you involuntarily light up the way for others. Even if they do feel adequate, give them the direction to grow along with you or as you did.

So, the bottom line is that if you are really worried about something, think of a time when something went really bad. If you got through that eventually, you will definitely get through life’s trivial matters.

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