Common Food Items That Should Not Be Eaten Together

Certain food items must be eaten separately. Read ahead to know what these are and why you should avoid them.

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: Jun 06, 2022Updated at: Jun 06, 2022
Common Food Items That Should Not Be Eaten Together

Mixing food is a very common practice in the Indian household. Let it be the lack of one of the ingredients or any other reason. It is a tendency to mix food combinations. The drill in this ball game is that not every time the dish or food turns out to be healthy. However tasty or delicious it may come out as, it also clings to several health hazards and ailments to it. 

Certain food items must be eaten separately. The primary reason for this is the time required for each digestion are different. Bad food combinations can have adverse effects such as stomach ache, bloating, fatigue, gas and discomfort. Here is a list of a few food combinations that are harmful to the health and must be avoided despite its tastefulness.

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Food Items That Should Not Be Eaten Together

1. Palak And Paneer

Spinach is high in oxalate which is an anti-nutrient compound. Oxalate helps in preventing the absorption of calcium into the body. It also contributes to very little iron absorption. On the other hand paneer is a rich source of protein but it causes a disadvantage of raising the cholesterol levels. Loading too much paneer in the diet tends to disturb the digestion of the body. Therefore, the intake of spinach with cottage cheese adversely affects the body by causing bloating and gas.

2. Citrus Fruits With Milk 

Milk individually takes a long time to digest. When milk is taken alongside oranges, lemons or any other citrus fruits, the milk coagulates. This leads to gas and severe heat burn. For people who are  lactose intolerant, they are unable to digest lactose present in the milk with these fruits. Even bananas are also not considered good with milk as both are heavy food items.

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3. Cheesy food with cold drink

We all love a slice or two with a soda or cold drink on the side. As tempting as it may sound, this combination is severely not good for health. Therefore, one should at all times avoid drinking a cold drink with a cheesy food as the combination can lead to difficulty in absorption of every and particular meals. In case a person does, it causes fatigue, discomfort and stomach ache.

4. Too much protein

Protein is an essential part of a healthy everyday diet. However, a lot of protein in a single meal tends to disrupt the normal functioning of the body. High protein diets have been associated with several health risks. Therefore, it is vital and important to understand the downside it brings. In case of an otherwise nuance, there is a high chance of unexplained weight gain, constipation and even kidney damage.

In order to steer clear of such ailments, it is sensible to avoid the combination of these food items and dishes. Some may come off as easy food while others are just tasteful and tempting. However, keep in mind these health hazards that come alongside these food items. If you face one such experience, rush to a doctor without fail in order to know what food items does and does not work for you.