Kidney Problems Causes And Symptoms: Importance Of Prevention And Timely Treatment

Ensure you follow your doctor’s instruction and keep your kidneys in top shape.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Mar 27, 2020Updated at: Mar 27, 2020
Kidney Problems Causes And Symptoms: Importance Of Prevention And Timely Treatment

Various types of kidney problems like kidney stones, acute kidney injury and kidney infection can give a tough time for you. It is essential to tackle these kidney problems at the right time and take some preventive measures. Know how to take care of your kidneys and lead a healthy life. But, the functioning of your kidneys can get hampered. Various kidney problems can worry you if you don’t take charge of your kidneys as they can be an early sign of chronic disease (CKD), the type of kidney damage.

Types of kidney problems

Kidney stones

One of the most common kidney problems is kidney stones. One can get stones owing to a buildup of certain materials that clump together inside the kidneys. Moreover, those stones which are larger can lead to pain when they move through the urinary tract.

Blood in urine

Having blood in the urine does not mean that there is kidney disease. You must get yourself evaluated for the underlying cause. It is the need of the hour to treat the problem at the right time. Do not panic when you tend to spot blood in your urine. Just immediately rush to the doctor.

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

When one’s kidneys stop working in a matter of hours or days, it can be called as AKI. It can be fatal if you fail to seek timely treatment. You may suffer from it owing to an injury or infections.

kidney disease

Hepatitis C and kidney disease

It can be termed as a viral disease that takes a toll on your liver.

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Kidney infections

Are caused owing to the bacteria that spread to the kidneys from another part of your urinary tract. Fever, vomiting and back pain/ groin pain can be the symptoms. Not seeking treatment at the right time can permanently damage your kidneys. The treatment of Kidney diseases can be treated successfully if detected at the right time. You should consult your doctor who will suggest an appropriate treatment depending on the problem you have.

It is essential to prevent these kidney problems by following a proper line of treatment prescribed by the doctor. Dr Chandan Chaudhari from Department of Nephrology at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, list out a few preventive measures to guard your kidneys.

Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet

If you eat fast food daily then it is the time to bid adieu to it. Avoid eating oily, spicy and processed food that is jam-packed with salt. Make sure that your sodium intake is in control. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as doing so can help your kidneys stay healthy.

kidney health

Drink a lot of fluids

Make sure that you drink a lot of water throughout the day and stay hydrated. Consult your doctor who will tell you about the appropriate fluid intake.

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Say NO to smoking

You will be shocked to know that smoking slows the blood flow to your kidneys. When less blood reaches the kidneys, it tends to reduce their ability to function normally. Thus, quitting smoking can be helpful, and also limit your alcohol consumption.


Stay physically fit

Exercise daily and maintain optimum weight as this can help reduce your risk of chronic kidney disease.

Go for regular check-ups

You must get your kidney function checked if you have diabetes, hypertension or are obese.

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