Common Drugs may Increase Dementia Risk

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 27, 2015

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A new study has warned against the use of common drugs as it could put one at greater risk of dementia.

dementia riskThe study conducted at University of Washington has found that higher dementia risk is linked to more use of common drugs. The researchers suggest that increased risk for developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease is linked to taking commonly used medications with anticholinergic effects at higher doses or for a longer time.

According to the study author, Shelly Gray, older adults should be aware that many medications including some available without a prescription, such as over-the-counter sleep aids-have strong anticholinergic effects and they should tell their health care providers about all their over-the-counter use.

She added that one should not stop taking any therapy without consulting their health care provider and health care providers should regularly review their older patient’s drug regimens including over-the-counter medications. Moreover, health care providers should use the lowest effective dose, monitor the therapy regularly to ensure it is working, and stop the therapy if it's ineffective.



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