Video based therapy may lower the Autism Risk in Babies

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Jan 23, 2015

Video based therapy for babies at risk of autism might reduce their chances of developing the condition.  The findings of new study were published in the Lancet researchers which showed that by using video feed back-based therapy parents can understand and respond to their baby’s early communication style help improve the emerging autism symptoms.

Health newsJonathan Green, a Manchester University Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, who also lead the study, said “targeting the earliest risk of autism such as lack of attention or reduced social interest or engagement during the first year of life may lessen the development of these symptoms.

Autistic people have varying levels of impairment across three areas: social interaction and understand, repetitive behaviour and interests, language and communication. The exact cause of the neurodevelopmental disorder is not known yet but the as per the evidence the genetic and environmental factors may play crucial role in it.

In this study, a specially adapted video interaction for promoting positive parenting programme was delivered to seven to ten months babies who had a higher risk of autism because they had an autistic older sibling.
54 families whose babies had higher risk of getting autism were randomly assigned to get either iBASIS-VIPP or no intervention. The video group received at least 6 home visits where a therapist used video feedback to help the parents respond to communication with the baby, and to improve attention, language development and social engagement.

Five months later, the families who got video therapy showed signs of improvement in infant engagement, attention and social behaviour.It were also noted that babies in the video group appeared to have a reduced responsiveness to language sounds.


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