Choose Your Food As Per Zodiac Sign, Here’s The Guide By Expert

It is very fascinating to know that your zodiac signs influence your health and choosing foods according to your zodiac can promote wellness.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 05, 2021
Choose Your Food As Per Zodiac Sign, Here’s The Guide By Expert

‘Food’ is an inseparable part of every living creature’s life. From the microscopic bacteria to the mammoth, everything needs food for sustenance and growth. Though we humans can survive on anything edible, we are still one of the choosiest living beings when it comes to food. However, we often tend to overlook the nutritional value in them and keep binge eating such food items till the point where they start affecting our body negatively and we fall sick. Diet and health are intimately linked. Whatever we choose to put in our bodies has a significant impact on our health. Interestingly, zodiac signs and diet are also correlated! Onlymyhealth got in touch with Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist and Founder of NumroVani to know what foods should one have as per their zodiac sign.

Diet As Per Zodiac Sign

Finding the proper cuisine may be difficult when there are so many options available. A proper guide that can help you decide what to eat and what not to would be a blessing in disguise, especially in today’s rat race. And when this guide is in accordance with your zodiac sign, what more can someone expect or ask for! So here we are, bringing to you the most appropriate foods as per your zodiac sign, which will also positively influence your mood!


Those born under the sign of Aries have excellent health and are resistant to sickness but are more prone to acne and heartburn. This makes it important for Aries to consume enough cooling and green, leafy foods like cucumber, olives, and spinach that can assist their kidneys and liver. Incorporating these items more into your meals can help you feel more energized and healthier.

Diet As Per Zodiac Sign 


Taureans have a powerful physical constitution, are voracious eaters, and are less susceptible to pain. However, Taurus is prone to thyroid and constipation disorders. For a Taurus, foods like cranberries, cauliflower, and horseradish are ideal. These meals will help them ease constipation and regulate the thyroid.


As a result of anxiety, excessive worrying, and weak mental constitution, the nervous system of Gemini might be affected. As a Gemini, one should be on the lookout for difficulties with the neurological system or lungs. Plums, leafy greens, and citrus fruits coupled with proper rest are especially beneficial to Gemini's lungs and nervous system.



At a young age, cancer has a poor health constitution and is prone to digestive system problems, but as they mature, their health improves. Consume steaming veggies, fruits, and natural sweets with delight as they are best for you.

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People born under the Leo star sign have good health, are less prone to illness, and recover more quickly from illness than most others. They can eat whatever they want as long as they don't overdo it. A Leo's diet should consist primarily of high-protein foods. Carbohydrate-rich meals like citrus fruits, root vegetables, and almonds can help Leo get through the day.


People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo may experience problems with their digestive or neurological system when their lord planet is afflicted. Fruit salads, almonds, and avocados are all healthy options to include in your diet. Longevity and good health go hand in hand with Virgos, as long as they take good care of themselves.


Libras are generally healthy, although they are more prone to renal disease and emotional swings. All of these nutrients including cruciferous vegetables, berries, and bell peppers, help the kidneys work more efficiently. Consumption of a lighter diet is easier to digest and might help you remain calm.

Libra food 


Scorpios are more prone to UTIs and bladder problems than other signs of the zodiac. Thus, consuming bananas, water-rich vegetables, and green salads are all beneficial to Scorpio's health. When a Scorpio is feeling depressed, eating foods like onions and cottage cheese might lift their spirits.


Sagittarians tend to overeat, and this can lead to weight gain. Fruits and vegetables rich in protein, such as plums and tomatoes, are ideal for Sagittarius. They should eat a lot of root vegetables and whole-grain products as well.

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Capricorns' bones and teeth are weaker than those of the other zodiac signs. As a result, calcium-rich foods such as lentils, sardines, and milk and their derivatives are beneficial to the bones and teeth. Avoiding inflammatory foods is best for the sign.

food according to zodiac sign 


A healthy body requires good blood circulation, and Aquarius is the sign that struggles the most with it. Aquarius should avoid eating foods that cause undue stress on their hearts. Pears, nuts, and spinach are all good choices for an Aquarius since they act as catalysts for calorie restriction.


Pisces is a water sign, so eating foods that promote healthy blood, brain, liver functioning is a wise move for you. Protein and iron-rich foods, such as barley, eggs, and dry fruits, are very beneficial to Pisces' health and well-being. Citrus fruits are also beneficial to them.

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