Check Out These 5 Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Carrots

Carrot is a very nutritious and wholesome healthy vegetable. Check out these 5 health benefits and nutritional facts of the vegetable.

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Healthy DietWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Oct 07, 2020Updated at: Oct 07, 2020
Check Out These 5 Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Carrots

A person should always keep a calorie count of the meals he is consuming. A healthy rainbow diet includes everything from green fruits and vegetables to ingredients like potato and carrots. We have been hearing that carrots have numerous health benefits since so many years now. It provides proper vitamins and minerals to our body. You should include carrots in your meals as its very healthy and nourishing. It is a root vegetable and is crunchy and is slightly sweet in taste. Carrots are a rich source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and other antioxidants. Read further to know the nutritional facts and health benefits of carrots.


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Carrot nutrition facts and calories

All the fruits and vegetables provide various nutrients to our body. The human body cannot survive without consuming elements like vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Carrots are a good source of such healthy supplements. Most of it consists of water and very little fat. Here are the nutrition facts and calories of carrots:

1# Carbohydrates: Carrots majorly consist of water and carbohydrates. They are low on glycemic index, which tell how fast is the food raising your blood sugar levels. Eating 2 grams (In 61 gms carrots) of carbs with not much fat can be beneficial for people with diabetes.

2# Vitamins and minerals: As mentioned earlier, carrots are a good source of many vitamins and minerals including biotin, potassium, and vitamins A, K1, and B6. They help in converting food into energy. They are also important for your metabolism and blood circulation.

3# Fiber: Carrots contain soluble fiber called Pectic. They have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels by slowing down the process of sugar digestion. The insoluble fibers present in carrots are cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin which help in preventing constipation.  

4# Others

Carrots also have plant compounds present in them. These are substances with strong antioxidant activity that help in the functioning of your immune system and prevent your body from catching other diseases too. These other plant compounds are:

  • Beta carotene
  • Alpha-carotene
  • Lutein
  • Lycopene
  • Polyacetylenes
  • Anthocyanins

Health benefits of carrots

1. Carrots Helps in weight loss

As we know that carrots are a rich source of fiber which keeps your stomach full for a long time intervals. It is good to include carrots in food items like salads and soups. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin B6 which helps in enhancing your metabolic process.

2. Carrots Improves eyesight

Are you or your child struggling with weak eyesight? Don't worry and just start consuming carrots on a daily basis. They have proved to be an old natural remedy for improving your eyesight. They are rich in lutein and lycopene that are beneficial for your eyes. Vitamin A also contributes towards the same.


3. Carrots Enhance digestion

Carrots contain dietary fibres that help in maintaining your digestive system. Digestion is very important to regulate the whole schedule of your body. It improves your bowel movement which leads to good digestion health.

4. Reduces blood pressure

Carrot plays a vital role in lowering your blood sugar levels too. The amount of potassium present in it helps in Reducing the levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol, enhancing blood circulation and even maintaining good heart health. Carrots prevent your heart from strokes and attacks.

5. Carrots Improve skin and immunity

Benefits of carrots include bringing a glow on your skin too. They provide natural strength to your nails and skin. Moreover, the antioxidants like vitamins B6 and K, potassium and phosphorous present in it improve bone health help in protecting your body from various harmful viruses and bacteria.


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So, these were the health benefits and nutritional facts of the useful vegetable carrot. If you add carrots to your everyday diet schedule, you will get a tasty as well as a healthy meal. You can use carrots in many dishes and for garnishing your food items too. In fact, they are found in many colours like yellow, white, orange, red, and purple.

(Written By Navya Kharbanda)

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