Case Study: Why Shouldn't You Ignore Joint Pain? Be Aware About These Signs And Symptoms

Joint pain signs and symptoms should not be ignored. Check out this case study by an expert to know why.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Apr 05, 2021 17:22 IST
Case Study: Why Shouldn't You Ignore Joint Pain? Be Aware About These Signs And Symptoms

Narayan a 68-year-old resident from Banaras was experiencing pain and weakness in both his lower limbs for the past few months. He visited a local doctor in Banaras who confirmed that he had a serious Arthritis problem and that he needed a knee joint therapy. As days progressed, Narayan was unable to walk and became wheelchair bound. When things weren’t getting better for him, Narayan sought advice from an orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. Onlymyhealth editorial team got to know about this case study of Narayan from Dr. Harish Naik, Consultant - Neurosurgery, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital. Read the article further to know more about this.

When he was brought to Mumbai for further investigation, his spinal MRI confirmed that he had a 3.2-centimeter tumor that pressed his nerve roots. This would have eventually left him paralyzed! Given his age and complexity of the area in which the tumor rested, an image-guided interventional surgery was done to ensure safety of the patient. If measures weren’t taken on time, Narayan would be unable to walk for the rest of this life; all emerging from joint pain.

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These are the stories that teach us important lessons, of how significant is the matter of health. They also highlight the consequence of delayed interventions and need for proper medical aid at the right time. Be it a joint pain, weakness in a limb or persistent cough, seeking medical aid is necessary and more importantly ignoring symptoms could be extremely dangerous. You can learn a teaching from this case study and apply the right measures in your life as well.

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Do not ignore these signs and symptoms of joint pain

Serious illness does not go away by itself, and with a lot of medical issues, the earlier you get treatment, the better are your chances for a positive outcome. Many times, pain is one of the first symptoms of a problem. Off course there are several other things that may trigger you to seek medical care, including:

  • Pain that wakes you up at night or keeps you awake at night
  • Swelling and redness in a joint
  • Warmth and feeling of having a fever
  • Stiffness in the body when you wake up, that does not go away for hours
  • Discomfort that disturbs day to day tasks
  • Fever

In fact, if you are experiencing joint pain or any other signs and symptoms of joint pain, it can be due to an underlying health condition or infection that should not be left ignored and untreated. At times, joint pain can even be an early stage of a condition referred as Septic Arthritis. This condition begins as an infection in your joint and then gradually destroys your quality of life forever. In such cases, the bacteria takes over the joint and can lead to bone and cartilage damage. If left untreated, it can result in permanent damage or disability and can be even more severe like septic shock

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What should you do when confused?

As per Dr. Harish Naik, here is what you can do:

  • Call your nearest doctor or your family physician
  • Visit a nearby walk-in clinic
  • Do not depend on the information you get on the internet
  • If the signs are severe, then you should go to the emergency room of the nearby hospital for diagnosis and treatment

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