Homeopathic Remedies To Relieve Pain And Joint Stiffness

Some of the most common presentations in general practice are problems of pain in joints and muscles. Sometimes these problems are acute, as in sports injuries, sometimes they are chronic, as in osteoarthritis, and sometimes they are intermittent,

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 04, 2013Updated at: Oct 01, 2019
Homeopathic Remedies To Relieve Pain And Joint Stiffness

You must have seen elders in your house groaning with joint pain and this pain is aggravated even during winter. According to doctors, when the temperature fluctuates, the veins around the joints become inflamed, which increases the pain. Because of this, some women also have stiff joints. Today, most people, especially women, have more complaints of joint pain.

This problem is due to lubrication and lack of calcium in the joints (after an age). But due to a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for long hours and unhealthy eating habits), this problem is troubling even young women. A distressed woman adopts a variety of remedies to avoid pain, but sometimes no remedy is effective. But today we are going to tell you a magical tip which will give you relief from this pain.

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Benefits of acacia

Acacia is also known as Keekar in India. The soft twigs of this tree are also used to make Datun in homes. Acacia not only keeps the teeth healthy but is also beneficial in many diseases. Acacia is a phlegm-bile destroyer as its legumes are raw and beneficial. Therefore, raw pods can be plucked, dried in the shade and kept in a box, protected. You can keep it for one year. The physical properties of this herb have potential anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties that relieve pain.

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How to use Acacia?

  • Take the pod of the acacia tree and dry it well.
  • Make powder after drying. Then make an equal quantity of fenugreek powder in it.
  • Now mix the two things well.
  • Eat about 1 teaspoon with lukewarm water in the morning and evening. Taking 2-3 months continuously can relieve your joint pain.
  • There are no known side effects of this herb, but one should avoid eating this herb during constipation.

Some of the homeopathic remedies that can help to relieve pain and joint stiffness include:

  • Rhus Tox: Rhus Tox is a common homeopathic remedy used for the treatment of pain in arthritis. It is used in people in whom pain worsens on rest but improves on continuous movement.
  • Bryonia: Bryonia is another important drug for the management of pain. It functions opposite to Rhus Tox. In Bryonia pain improves on rest but worsens on movement.
  • Apis Mellifica: This remedy is useful in patients with swelling on joints.
  • Berberis vulgaris: This remedy is useful in patients with chronic symptoms of synovitis of the knee.
  • Pulsatilla Nigerians: This is an effective remedy for arthritis in women.
  • Aconitum: Used in people who are very restless, anxious and has fear of death.

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