Can You Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

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Feb 10, 2012

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Delighted young mother feeding her babyBreast augmentation, also known as breast implantation is the artificial way of enhancing the breast size. The ability to do breastfeeding after a breast augmentation depends upon various factors but the answer is yes but you have to be aware of all the possible complications and risks.

Surgically breast enhancement is done using silicone or saline implants. These implants are more or less sensitive to than normal and do not cause much problem during breastfeeding. These implants may push the nearby tissues of the mammary glands. This may decrease the amount of breast milk made or stored in your breasts. Implants can also pinch milk ducts, block the flow of breast milk and make your breasts swell. You may feel more pain when your breasts are full of milk. Pain may increase while breastfeeding and may cause you to stop breastfeeding.

Some doctors claim that breastfeeding after breast implantation could depend on the type of surgery and the incision site. Incision done around the nipple edges (aerola) called as periareolar incision is believed to be quite risky. Nerves and vessels could be damaged during the surgery and this may interrupt or disturb the milk ducts.


Problems that may arise after breast augmentation:

  • Nerves, milk ducts and milk glands may get damaged during implant surgery. Injured nerves can decrease the sensation in your nipple area. So you may not be able to response when your breasts fill with milk. Damaged milk ducts can decrease the amount of milk made by your breast. Your breast tissues may get damaged due to breast infection or bleeding after surgery.
  • Scarred areas inside the breast can pinch on an area of your breast tissue and can cause it to die. This can affect the normal shape of your breasts and make them look very different from each other. This can cause problems in breastfeeding.


Breast augmentation can affect your ability to breastfeed in 2 ways:

  • If the incision is done near the nipples then it might damage the milk ducts. So you may face problem while breast feeding.
  • If the breast implants have been placed in between your breast tissue and chest muscle then it can damage your breast tissue resulting in low milk production.

If you are thinking of a breast implant then it’s better to do it after having baby as your breasts can change after surgery. Breast augmentation is harmless if performed carefully.


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