MP Arjun Ram Meghwal Tests Corona Positive, Claimed Papad Help Develop Antibodies Against COVID-19

What's Your Take On This? Can Papad Help Develop Antibodies Against The Coronavirus?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 25, 2020Updated at: Aug 09, 2020
MP Arjun Ram Meghwal Tests Corona Positive, Claimed Papad Help Develop Antibodies Against COVID-19

On Saturday, Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal has tested COVID-19 positive and has been admitted to Delhi's AIIMS. The minister for heavy industries and parliamentary affairs said he was tested twice and was found to be positive in the second report. Novel coronavirus cases are increasing all over the country, and all the nations of the world are trying to get vaccines in which many countries are also claiming some success. But amidst all this, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal launched Bhabhi Papad, claiming that it would help fight the coronavirus. This video of Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs is also going viral in social media. Arjun Meghwal also tweeted about it and said, 'Papad, Bhujia and Rasgulla of Bikaner are well known. I appeal to all of you in series to become vocal about local products in your area, supporting the #VocalForLocal campaign to drive the #VocalForLocaL campaign further.' While launching Papad in this video, he is seen saying that this Papad will help develop immunity in this battle of Coronavirus under the Self-Reliant India program.

What did Meghwal say on the launching occasion?

For this campaign, Meghwal has nominated several Union Ministers and MPs and asked them to carry forward the Vocal for Local Campaign. Papad helps make antibodies: Union Minister of State said that Bhabhiji Papad has come in the market under self-reliant India. It contains foods that can help make antibodies in the human body. This will prove to help fight the virus. However, the minister did not explain how papad can help in producing antibodies that fight corona? Diet cannot cure infection: WHO has previously stated that no food item or diet can prevent disease. Neither can fix it. A better diet is needed to strengthen the immune system.

Expert Take On The Papad Ideology

We as a country has always been rich in spices, and the essential age-old treatment is our various spices (cardamom, tulsi, ginger, turmeric and pepper) mixed in hot water making a broth to contain cold and flu probably that hypothesis our minister has implemented in his papad theory says, Dr Samrat Consultant Internist Bhatia Hospital. But let us bring some facts to open the eyes of citizens.

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  • Is your papad adulterated with spike or envelope protein layer of coronavirus, because for the antibodies to develop your immune system has to interact with the antigen of the virus 
  • There are seven types of coronavirus which can affect humans with 11 strains with 16 genomic subtypes with 32139 viral genomic sequences of SARS COV 2 is available for the researchers, so imagine the minister would need how many different types and subtypes of papad to cater this virus
  • The scientific fact which Dr Samrat Shah postulates to see the end of this virus is the THEORY OF LETHAL MUTAGENESIS.

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The high rate of mutation that generates an error threshold leading to a nonviable viral phenotype and that lethal mutagenesis is a critical antiviral mechanism SARS COV 2 high mutation rate and naturally exist as mutant spectra termed “viral quasispecies,” which include subpopulations with point mutations, deletions in the viral genes, and defective interfering particles. This high mutation rate is thought to favour adaptation of the virus to the changing environment; however, this rate is close to the error threshold, and therefore even a modest increase in the mutation rate can negatively affect viral fitness, eventually driving the virus population to extinction, the only possibility which holds to see the end of this virus.

Forty-nine thousand three hundred ten new cases in 24 hours in the country

As per the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (data released), 49,310 further incidents have been listed in the last (twenty-four) 24 hours, and 740 people have died. After this, the total number of corona positive cases across the country has increased to 12,87,945. Out of which 4,40,135 are active cases, 8,17,209 people have been cured or discharged from hospital, and 30,601 people have died so far.

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