Can Chocolate help you Fight Cancer?

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Oct 01, 2012

Can Chocolate help you Fight CancerThe adage, ‘eating sugar feeds cancer cells’, may be held true with the exception of chocolates. There have been considerable scientific evidences in the past to support chocolate as a cancer-fighting sweet treat. Researchers at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Georgetown University have said that a certain ingredient in chocolate is dense with anti-cancer properties. Besides, the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is only happy to support the positive correlation between eating chocolates and reduction in the risk of developing various cancer forms.


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How Chocolate Fights Cancer

Cocoa, the primary ingredient in chocolates, has antioxidant elements that prevent oxidative damage and the risk of developing cancer. Risk of developing cancer arises when there is an alteration of oxidation process as some of the free radicals transform the DNA. Isn’t it appalling how the tiny tumour cells alter your DNA altogether?

  • Flavanoids in cocoa helps get rid of the free radicals to prevent the risk of cancer.
  • Phytochemicals along with flavanoids have been found to decrease the risk of several cancer forms and also inhibit tumour formations.

Before you head to your kitchen to grab chocolates from the refrigerator to binge on in the expectation of preventing cancer risk, you need to know some things.


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Which chocolates you should be eating for cancer prevention – Dark chocolates are your best bet! Only dark chocolates have cocoa . If you don’t pick the right chocolate/s, you will only end up making unhealthy choices for yourself. Another important tip: make sure the dark chocolate is of the best quality.

The need to balance chocolate with other foods –
Foods you eat have a direct impact on your health. If you don’t count the calories you are feeding your body with, all your efforts of eating cancer-fighting foods will go in vain. Make sure you make note of the number of calories the chocolate has and balance it with those of your diet. Complementing chocolates with healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables will not just improve metabolism but  also rule out the oxidative damage.

Other healthful components of dark chocolate – Dark chocolates contain heart-healthy antioxidants, such as plant phenols, catechins and procyanidins. Not just combating  cancer, chocolates help improve the level of good cholesterol HDL by dissolving blood clots that raise the concern of heart attacks and strokes.

Is Chocolate the best anti-cancer food? – Dark chocolate is just another antioxidants-rich food. Among others foods known for their anti-cancer properties include red wine, green tea and blueberries.


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Chocolate has cancer-fighting properties, but you must not leave out fruits and vegetables, such as oranges and spinach.. Cancer prevention should never be at the cost of other healthful foods.

Those at a high risk of cancer may eat their favourite chocolate , but only in moderation, keeping in mind the potential health risks of binging.

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