Breath Watching Meditation Technique

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May 28, 2012

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Breath Watching Meditation TechniqueBreathing is one of the aspects of learning and practising meditation, as our mental state is closely related to the breathing exercise. Breathing activity alters as a result of incidents we experience. Breath watching meditation is one soothing technique to bring breathing pattern in control along with managing mental state.

Since yesteryears, there has been several meditation techniques associated with breath. Breath watching a comparatively simple and effective meditation technique that can be exercised at any point of time. You can also engage yourself in this meditation in a standing position.

Five Aspects of Breath Watching Meditation

  1. Incoming Breath: In order to watch your incoming breath, you need to close your eyes and start inhaling. The term watching is used as you follow breath from the point it enters the nostrils and travel down to the lungs.
  2. Gap: Watch the gap between the end of inhalation and beginning of exhalation. This aspect is of utmost importance as mind comes to rest during this space. Keeping in account that thinking is correlated with breathing, one needs perform this step correctly in order to think. This fact goes unnoticed, but helps in developing awareness.
  3. Outgoing Breath: After finishing with previous move, precisely watch the process of exhalation from lungs to nostrils.
  4. Repeat: Now, watch the next gap between succeeding exhalation and inhalation, known as second gap. These steps should be patiently repeated for 3 to 4 times for an effect. Watching breathing cycle without altering the pattern.
  5. Track of Breaths: Keep track of incoming inhalation, but you better count either inhalations or exhalations to avoid any confusion.

Important Considerations

One needs to keep in mind the gaps at the top and bottom as it involves our innermost core or being for peace. Ideal breath watching meditation technique is characterised by steadiness, calmness and stillness. Another important consideration of counting is limiting the count to 10. After reaching 10, one should descend, counting backwards from 10 to 1. The ascending and descending counting pattern helps in developing awareness. Most important aspect of the technique is enjoying it and finding time for it in your daily schedule in order to get rid of your mental discomforts.



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