Does Braided Hairstyle Help In Increasing Hair Length?

Can braiding promote hair growth? This hairstyle limits hair breakage which eventually helps in lengthening and strengthening.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 07, 2020 15:20 IST
Does Braided Hairstyle Help In Increasing Hair Length?

Have you heard anybody saying that braiding would make your hair longer and stronger? Women who wish to grow their traces try everything from oiling to massaging to trimming to hair spa but lesser do they know, hairstyle also has a role to play in hair growth. With the increasing cases of hair fall, hair loss, partial baldness, etc., there are a lot of rumors spreading around. All of us want to keep our hair safe and healthy and for that, we are ready to do anything from using expensive shampoos to getting hair spas to trying herbal/medicated oils promising hair benefits. But have you heard of a hairstyle to strengthen hair & promote hair growth? If not, we will tell you why braided hairstyle is the best to combat hair problems including hair fall and hair growth.

Braiding and Hair Strength

Some of us may have heard from our grandmothers and other old ladies that if you braid your hair, then growth is encouraged. While this is a myth, there is no such connection between braiding and hair growth. Studies have also suggested that braiding hairstyles or hair taps help in hair growth. It happens as by tucking the hair, your hair remains in place and breaks less. The lesser the friction, the more rapid is hair growth. So instead of keeping your hair open, braid them and enjoy the advantages.

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Protect hair from tangling

Open hair gets tangled quickly, due to which hair breaks. If you keep the hair open, then they are more exposed to dusty soil. As a result, your hair becomes weak and dry. While braiding reduces the chances of your hair getting tangled and also reduces friction against pillows or other things.

Effect on the scalp

Although there are some benefits to braiding hair, there may be some disadvantages as well. Tightening the hair may also contribute to hair loss. In addition, improper braiding or hair tucking can have a harmful effect on the hair and scalp, known as traction alopecia. Very tight braided hair does a strong pulling action on the scalp. This can result in thinning of hair along the hairline.

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Tips for long and strong hair

Keeping your hair long, thick and strong is also associated with your diet and lifestyle. The rate of hair growth is mostly determined by genetics and nutritional status. So follow the tips given here:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and the body consumes enough nutrients for internally strong hair. 
  • In addition to your catering for hair nutrition, remove the nutritional deficiency by applying oil to the hair. Oily hair for 1 week and massage. 
  • Getting good sleep is also associated with the growth of your hair. So get a good sleep and try to remain relaxed. Because stress is associated with your hair loss and weakening. 

Apply homemade hair mask once every week and make every effort to nourish your hair. 

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