Having Difficulty Losing Weight? 7 Bodyweight Exercises To Help You Burn 500 Calories A Day

To lose weight, you must engage in exercises that help you raise your heart rate and perform it till failure. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: May 04, 2023 11:00 IST
Having Difficulty Losing Weight? 7 Bodyweight Exercises To Help You Burn 500 Calories A Day

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If you know someone in your office or society, who has recently lost weight, you must be familiar with the fact that lost weight always comes back. Do you know why this happens? This is because everyone who loses weight does so only by following a crash diet and entirely ignoring exercise. Crash diets help you lose weight quickly, but they also wreck your metabolism. Exercising helps to remove toxins from the body and enhance metabolism, which aids in weight maintenance. So, before you starve yourself or pop a supplement pill, let's first understand what kind of exercise you should do and the seven bodyweight exercises you can do to burn 500 calories a day.

Which Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss?

When the heart rate rises above the normal range, the human body enters a fat-burning state. To lose weight, you must perform exercises that raise your heart rate. All of your aerobic and strength training exercises will help raise your heart rate the most. 

Bodyweight Exercises To Help You Burn 500 Calories


Burpees are a sort of full-body workout that is ideal for raising your heart rate. A burpee is a mix of a squat, push-up, and jump that can help you burn up to 10 calories every minute. One can also double the calorie burn by repping it out till failure. 

Jumping Jacks 

Jumping jacks are one of the best bodyweight exercises to burn calories at home and lose weight. Jumping jacks works your lower body and posterior chain muscles. A person can easily burn 100 calories in 10 minutes, provided they take less rest in between the sets. 

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Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a high-impact exercise that can help you burn more than 10 calories per minute. Mountain climbers work your abs, shoulders, and legs, which can help you build endurance and strength. The most important thing to remember when executing mountain climbers is to warm up first in order to avoid muscle spasms. 


Push-ups are a popular and old-school workout for building upper body strength. Push-ups are a compound exercise, which means they engage more than two muscles at the same time, including your chest, shoulder and triceps. Alternate it with jumping jacks to increase calorie burn. 

Plank Jacks

Plank jacks are a plank variation that can burn up to 10 calories per minute. They strengthen your core, arms, and legs while also improving your balance and stability. Begin in a plank position, then leap your legs out and in like a jumping jack while keeping your upper body firm.

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Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are a high-intensity exercise that can burn up to 12 calories each minute. They work your lower body and are an excellent method to burn fat. If you are just beginning, start with traditional lunges and then you can gradually start performing jumping lunges. 

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