Bodily Changes That Bodybuilders Face, That Are Not Always Positive

Do you believe that bodybuilding is healthy? Find out what some of your favourite bodybuilders go through to get big and ripped.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Feb 21, 2023 18:28 IST
Bodily Changes That Bodybuilders Face, That Are Not Always Positive

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The best part about having a bodybuilder physique is that you don't have to introduce yourself because your body does it for you. 

We all want a well-built body with broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and, most importantly, six-pack abs. However, bodybuilding is not an easy sport. Professional bodybuilders have to deal with a lot of stress, both psychologically and financially. 

The first requirement of the sport is to live in a bubble, forego social life, train twice a day, and consume protein most of the time. Does this way of life sound healthy or desirable to you? But hold your judgement because what follows might blow your mind. If you are new to the world of bodybuilding or are considering a career in this sport, here are some dark sides of bodybuilding that no one discusses.

Unnatural Sport

The term "unnatural" refers to the use of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the bodybuilding sport. If you think you can get big biceps and six-pack abs at the same time, you're mistaken because they're two completely different things. To get big biceps, you must eat in surplus, whereas abs demand deficit, and bodybuilders have both at the same time, which is only possible if you inject or use PEDs. Using steroids also has a lot of health complications, so if you're thinking about taking up this sport, be aware that you might have to take steps that won't be considered "natural".

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Bodybuilders Can Be Weak 

If you've ever watched a bodybuilding competition, you're probably aware that on stage, all bodybuilders look the same, and after a few days, they lose their shape. Have you ever wondered why? This is because, in order to be stage ready, they must eliminate sodium, sugar, and carbs from their diet several days before the competition. However, carbohydrates are our body's primary source of energy, and when we stop eating them, our bodies can't function. Moreover, quitting sodium causes cramps, and bodybuilders frequently suffer from cramps and constipation as a result.

Financial Trauma

To get big and ripped at the same time, demands the use of supplements, steroids and PEDs, which are  expensive. If any of your friends do bodybuilding or are preparing for a bodybuilding competition, just look in their gym bag and you'll be surprised at how many pills they take in a day. Monthly bodybuilding stacks, which include supplements, injectables, and protein sources such as chicken and fish, range in price from ₹50k to ₹75k. A bodybuilder must invest in all of these things for months in order to achieve that body, demonstrating how costly the sport is and how much a bodybuilder spends on their body. 

Moreover, there are certain other costs, such as the cost of the trainers, the tan coating needed to look the part for the show, the show's registration fees, which add up to more than a lakh.

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Bottom Line

Bodybuilding is a time-consuming sport that requires you to grind day in and day out. If someone tells you that you can achieve a well-built physique in 30 days, say no because now you know it can’t be done the "natural" way. 

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