Best Fast Food Choices for Diabetics

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May 18, 2012

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Best Fast Food Choices for Diabetics

The American Diabetes Association recommends that diabetics take special efforts in terms of eating healthy diet to manage blood sugar levels effectively. The association also affirms that diabetics can also make healthy choices at fast food restaurants. Here are some of the best fast food choices for diabetics.


Options for Healthy Breakfast

The best and healthy breakfast options for diabetics include toast, muffins or plain bagel. Considering that drinks are a part of every meal, diabetics can choose to have either low-fat milk or fruit juice at breakfast. You may also eat scrambled eggs or unbuttered pancakes. Ensure that you have a limited amount of bacon and sausage because they contain a high amount of fat.

Options for Salad

Fast food salads with grilled meats or vegetables are other sources of healthy fast foods for diabetics. Avoid eating bacon bits and croutons and opt for low-fat salad dressing. You are lucky if you find a salad bar at a restaurant, which is not absolutely unlikely. Load up on low-fat dressing and vegetables.


Options for Sandwich

Opt for sandwiches that are stuffed with grilled or broiled meats such as ham, chicken breast and roast beef. Do not ask for mayonnaise, instead add mustard. You may add tomatoes, lettuce and onions if you wish. You may find the kind of fast foods for diabetics in any restaurant.

Other Diabetes-Friendly Foods

Some healthy fast food options for diabetics include chicken soft tacos, bean burritos and chicken fajitas. You may add tomatoes, lettuce and salsa into your diet as much as you want. Limit the consumption of cheese, guacamole and sour cream because these are high in fat content. A thin-crust vegetable pizza is a healthy option for diabetics. Must you have an ice-cream, enjoy it with a fat-free frozen yoghurt.


Foods to Avoid

Avoid biscuits and croissants. Avoid all those fast foods that are described with words such as “super-sized”, “jumbo” and ”biggie-sized”. Avoid eating taco salads because the shells are high on fat content and have lots of calories. Chinese food contains an excess of fat and sodium and therefore, must be avoided.

Whatever the food you choose to eat at any part of the day, ensure that it is fat-free by cutting down on the cheese content and adding more green leafy vegetables and certain types of fruits. Avoid the consumption of banana and fruits that are high in sugar content


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