Sunshine Pancakes: Smart Recipe to combat the Cold

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 21, 2011

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 Sunshine Pancakes With winter blossoming around the corner, tedious cooking usually takes a backseat. How about breakfasting with some soft and sumptuous pancakes with a drizzle of honey on it, lazying on bed along with a pot of coffee?


Key Ingredients: 1 ½ teaspoon baking powder, 25 gram flour, salt as per taste, 2-3 eggs (beaten), 1 teaspoon sugarfree powder, melted butter, 300 mL skimmed milk & some butter or refined oil for frying


Put all the above into a blender and mix it well. Check for lumps of paste in the batter. Next, spread the batter evenly onto the frying pan and fry it with refined oil/butter. Do not fry it till its crispy red! Keep tossing the pancake till it becomes fluffy and appears ready-to-eat. What next? You can tease your taste buds by adding maple syrup, honey or even some Philadelphia low-fat cream cheese!


Nutri-check: Eggs, milk and honey will enrich you with calcium and combat cold and low energy levels. Moreover, pancakes will always be light on your stomach. After all, it's all about eating smart and living well! 



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