Benefits Of A2 Ghee: Fight Seasonal Infection Simply By Adding A2 Ghee In Your Diet

Ghee is a natural lubricant for our joints and bones, and if you think ghee can make you fat, then you must read below to know more

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Aug 24, 2020
Benefits Of A2 Ghee: Fight Seasonal Infection Simply By Adding A2 Ghee In Your Diet

Ayurveda has been known for its miraculous benefits of enhacing the immunity. Another aspect of Ayurveda positively promotes the use of ghee in daily diet, without actually worrying much about the weight gain myth it carries with it. A lot many people think that eating ghee can add extra kilos, but experts have always promoted the use of ghee over vegetable or refined oils for its various health benefits. One such ghee that we must all know about is the A2 Ghee—wondering what type of ghee is this? Made from the highest quality of milk of Gir Cows, the highest quality of milk is used to make this ghee, which makes it more in demand than other ghee variants available in the market. This particular ghee Traditionally, the ghee is made with the nutrient-preserving ‘Bilona Churning Process’. The churning being bidirectional enhances the medicinal properties of it.


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What Ayurveda Says Of A2 Ghee?

Ayurveda, an ancient medical science, also vouches that you must have desi ghee on an empty stomach to experience the amazing health benefits of this healthy food. In Ayurveda, it is considered that intake of ghee can rejuvenate one’s body and boost one’s health. Ghee can help in building and nourishing each cell in the body. A2 ghee is a source of healthy amino acids, Vitamins such as B2, B12, B6, C, E and K. It also possesses OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 fatty acids. OMEGA 3 and 6 have been known to reduce the risk of neurological problems such as ADHD and other behavioural issues in growing children. It is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

As told by Ayurvedic experts, the A2 ghee has essential macro and micronutrients that fulfil the daily dietary requirement of the body and provides rejuvenation support for better cognitive and neurological functions.

Why Be Cautious About Consuming Ghee? 

People tend to be a little cautious about consuming ghee. Some children can be aversive to the taste of ghee. A2 Ghee helps in boosting the brain functions, improves strength and stamina, nourishes nervous systems, improves vision, and maintains heart health. It is beneficial for people of all ages, especially for children. Ghee holds nutritional benefits, and in these unprecedented times, it can be a boon in immunity building.

Know how much ghee to have in a day: 


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The best part about ghee is that it not only makes you healthy from within but it also enhances the taste of any dish you put it in! One must know that ghee in moderation is a natural remedy for various joint-related health concerns. What one must know is that anything that is beneficial, may not be as healthy if had in larger quantities. Hence, make sure that when you are adding ghee to your dishes, make sure that is according to your age and body requirement. For instance, kids can have more ghee as compared to adults with existing health concerns. 

With inputs from Ayurvedacharya Dr Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda

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