Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

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Jun 28, 2012

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Colonic hydrotherapy is a medical procedure used to cleanse or clean the colon and eliminate toxins and other unhealthy substances. Colon irrigation is done with the help of high-powered enemas. Apart from purifying the body, colonic hydrotherapy has several benefits for the body.

Less Compression on Neighbouring Organs

When the waste is taken off the colon, the compression of neighbouring organs that was present earlier is reduced. Organs above the intestines, such as the liver, lungs and heart feel much more relaxed and light after the therapy.

Less Pressure in Intra-Abdominal Area

Colonic hydrotherapy reduces the pressure on the intra-abdominal area, thereby improving the venous return from the lower extremities and the pelvic zone. Colonic hydrotherapy relaxes the pressure on the lumbar column and the hips. This helps benefit the mobility. The action of water temperature and massage that is accompanied by the colonic hydrotherapy relaxes the abdominal muscles. It also helps increase the abdominal muscle tone by reducing the intestinal residues.

Stimulation of Peristaltic Action of Intestines

Colonic hydrotherapy stimulates the peristaltic action of the intestines, thereby restoring normal muscle tone and bowel movement. Colonic hydrotherapy has the potential to correct any intestinal transit problem such as diarrhoea and constipation without the help of prescription drugs.

Better Well-Being

Since colonic hydrotherapy eliminates mucus, gases, toxic bacteria and alimentary remainders that do not get digested, it brings about a sense of well-being. It also helps to relieve inflammation and edema by eliminating the irritation substances.

Expulsion of Parasites

Colonic hydrotherapy expels the parasites with the help of alternating water temperatures and additives that are put in the colonic water. The additives may include garlic and other parasite killing herbs. Colonic hydrotherapy decreases the demineralisation of the body by improving metabolism.

Relief from Gynaecological Disorders

Colonic hydrotherapy relives disorders that are common in females such as dysmenorrhoea and cystitis by reducing prolapsed intestine. The therapy also reduces the complications of a surgery as it reinforces natural immunity. It improves the functioning of the large intestines, nervous system and lymph.

Reduction of Body Weight

Colonic hydrotherapy helps burn calories and has been known to be the easiest way of burning calories while also cleansing the body. Colonic hydrotherapy creates an increase in the mental capacity and rejuvenates it. It revitalises body’s systems by decreasing the degenerative process and removing toxic substances that influence the biological aging process.

Although, colonic hydrotherapy has several benefits for the individual, it is important for a person willing to go through the therapy to weigh its upsides and downsides well before going ahead with it.


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