Beej Shuddhi: Planning To Conceive A Baby? Try Ayurvedic Detox Body Treatment

Know how to boost fertility by detoxing the body according to Ayurveda.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Apr 28, 2020
Beej Shuddhi: Planning To Conceive A Baby? Try Ayurvedic Detox Body Treatment

In today's busy world, women have to face many challenges related both to their work and health. Menstruation and worsening of hormonal balance in women (of 30 or 40 years) is a concern. Similarly, there are other challenges for men, such as exposure to environmental hazards and extreme stress. Sometimes the women are unable to give birth to a healthy child due to these challenges of both. Many times people take help of IVF and surrogacy for children. But you may be surprised to know that you can have children with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda and its remedies are considered an excellent option to eliminate these dangers. With its help, you can have a healthy child. In Ayurveda, it is called "Beej Shuddhi".

Reproductive tissue in both men and women is dependent on the health of other body tissues. In Ayurveda, this tissue of the body is significant for fertility and conception for a healthy baby. It detoxes the body through deep internal cleansing.

It mainly consists of two phases

Step 1: Purvakarma (Pre-detox remedy)

This involves removing internal and external dirt in the form of sweat. It is also called Allitian. During the period of this Allitian, medicated ghee is taken on an empty stomach for three to five days. It cleanses the internal dirt of the body. Also in Ayurveda, the body massage is done by steam for three days after the Allitian (Snehapana) to detox the body.

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Step 2: Purgation

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Medicinal herbs are swallowed during this process, and after a few hours, you have to go to the toilet again and again. In this way, this process is done four to six times. By doing this, cleansing of the lingual is done, besides medicinal ghee or oil cleaning the uterine cavity after menstruation (after the sixth day of menstruation). Stress is the primary cause of low fertility; practising yoga gives both mind and body a rest. Apart from this, a proper diet should be taken by both the partners for at least three months before planning the baby.

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Apart from this, how you take care of yourself during pregnancy is also very important. Let us tell you some tips in Ayurveda, by following which you can take care of yourself and your child.

Include fat and oil in your diet

We should always include healthy fat in our food, especially during pregnancy. This not only helps in gaining sufficient weight during pregnancy, but it also helps in developing the baby's brain. Apart from this, drink hot turmeric milk daily before sleep.

Nourish the body and mind through oil massage

The most important thing in pregnancy is to nurture yourself. As traditional medicine teaches us, during pregnancy, the child also experiences taste, touch and feel. With this, massage your mind, body and soul with Ayurvedic oils for the nutrition of the baby. Applying oil on the body provides comfort, stability and warmth. It is an ayurvedic ritual for "oil massage" which helps to relieve stress and fatigue.

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