Doctor-Verified Ayurveda Tips For Summers According To Your Dosha

Do you know what dosha you have? If yes, here are some tips by doctor to manage doshas in summer.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 02, 2022Updated at: May 02, 2022
Doctor-Verified Ayurveda Tips For Summers According To Your Dosha

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of healing that dates back over 5,000 years. It suggests a practice called Ritucharya, it is an Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition plan for coping with the physical and mental effects of seasonal changes. It enables us to strengthen our physical and mental abilities to combat illnesses that may arise as a result of seasonal changes. It also maintains our fitness and health throughout the year by balancing the three Doshas in our bodies. However, seasonal self-care routines and practices are not generic, so learning the best Ayurveda tips for summers according to your Dosha is essential. Scroll down as Dr. Gaurav Tripathi, Ayurveda and Nutrition Expert, Birla Ayurveda explains how to take care of your dosha during summer.

According to Ayurveda, we all have a dominant Dosha, or energy constitution: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Vata influences movement in the body and mind and comprises air and space elements. Pitta is a fire and water energy that governs metabolism and mental and physical metamorphosis. Water and Earth are the elements of Kapha, which control the body's structure, growth, lubrication, and internal organs.

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Ayurvedic Tips For Summers According To Dosha

Ayurveda offers us several tested methods for balancing our Doshas. Meditation, yoga, herbal supplements, breathwork, nutrition advice, constitution evaluations, and other tools are available. The best Ayurveda tips for summers according to your Dosha are as follows: 

Tips for Vata Dosha

Ayurvedic tips for summers according to dosha

What to eat

  • Summer brings in hurricane season, and when the wind howls, there's a lot of movement, making it easier for Vata to become unbalanced.
  • Heavy, grounding foods, such as root vegetables and prepared warm stews and apricots, bananas, citrus, and mango, might help ground the Vata Dosha.
  • Kidney beans, mung beans, miso, and dairy products are all Vata-supportive foods. 

What to avoid

  • Vata absorbs heat from hot temperatures. It is advised to avoid particularly spicy dishes and take iced beverages and frozen foods in moderation.
  • This helps to keep the system from bouncing between polar temperatures. To avoid overtaxing the digestive system, limit watermelon, raw vegetables, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower.

What to do: Skin can be dried out by the hot summer wind and heat. People with Vata Dosha might alleviate this by massaging their joints with sesame oil.

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Tips for Pitta Dosha

Tips for Pitta Dosha

What to eat

For Pitta Dosha, the fire constitution, cooling foods should be included in the diet.

  • Food items like coriander, cilantro, lime, shredded coconut, cucumber, watermelon, red lentils, mung beans, and aloe vera juice act as cooling agents for the body.
  • Foods high in water content will aid to cool down the heat in the body.
  • Sweet snacks in the middle of the day can also help an individual with Pitta Dosha stay energized and fresh.

What to avoid: During the summer, spicy meals, acidic foods, and fermented foods may be best kept in the back seat of a Pitta's nutrition plan.

What to do: Try to avoid hanging out in the raging sun. Headaches, rage, skin concerns like acne, hot flushes, and burning sensations in the body are Pitta-imbalance signs. It is recommended to slow down and stay hydrated, so the Pittas do not overheat. It is encouraged to indulge in cooling activities like water sports, hatha yoga, yin yoga, or nature walks in the early morning or evening.

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Tips For Kapha Dosha

Tips For Kapha Dosha

What to eat

For Kapha, fresh fruits and vegetables are a great choice in the summer.

  • Astringent fruits like apples, cherries, berries, and pomegranate should be favoured. Astringent foods promote healing and have rejuvenating characteristics.
  • Grains such as quinoa, basmati rice, and beans are also beneficial for Kapha during the summer.
  • The organs that make phlegm are governed by Kapha, so consuming dry grains like buckwheat, rye, corn, and others can help reduce mucus congestion and phlegm production.

What to avoid

  • People with Kapha Dosha should have warm food and water.
  • Frozen food can aggravate Kapha and can cause a feeling of heaviness and lethargy.
  • It should be avoided to consume coconut, avocado, and pasta because they lead to excess mucus, congestion, laziness, and heaviness.

What to do: Kaphas need to indulge in fun activities to keep their mind and body active. Starting the day with a gentle jog, bike ride, or Vinyasa yoga could be beneficial as well.

Doshas are extremely important and balancing them is even more crucial. If you have a dosha, exercise these tips to balance it. If not, consult a specialist to find about what dosha you have and then work upon it.

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