Can Ayurveda Reduce The Stress Of Students? Here Are Some Easy Remedies

Can Ayurveda Rescue For Exam And Result Stress? Explains Dr Partap Chauhan


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 05, 2020Updated at: Sep 05, 2020
Can Ayurveda Reduce The Stress Of Students? Here Are Some Easy Remedies

Easy Ayurveda Home Remedies To Reduce Stress: Students areas anxious about their future as their health during this pandemic. Over anxiety can hinder the thinking capability of a student. If the kid is under too much pressure, he will very likely not perform according to his capacity. As the students have already started appearing for various entrance exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to stay calm while dealing with such situations. Students need to focus on their health as well as examinations.

Expert take on exam and result stress


  • “Students need extra support from their family and friends who are appearing for their entrance as well as other exams during these times. Unlike the pre-COVID times, where the focus was only on academics during examinations, now students also need to stay safe,” says Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda.
  • Dr Chauhaun further adds, “Preparation for the examinations along with arming oneself with protective gear to keep out COVID infection has become a great challenge for students. Ayurveda can come to aid in such times to keep off stress and alleviate mental health.”

Ayurveda suggests a few ways that can help a child manage excessive stress caused due to the exams.

  • Intake of food like milk, almonds, raisins, cottage cheese, green vegetables and seasonal fruits should be increased as they keep the digestive fire healthy. Junk food should be stopped as it is not at all suitable for the digestive system. A healthy gut will help to keep the mind relaxed and energetic.
  • Ayurvedic herb like Aswagandha is a powerful antioxidant that reduces anxiety naturally.

  • A positive ambience at home will enhance the thinking pattern of a student. Lighting up aromatic oils/incense sticks like lavender and lemon will help in relaxing the mind.
  • Role of parents is significant in a child’s life. Parents should interact more with their children. This would help children in releasing their fears and control overthinking. 

Stress-related disorder

These include most cases of migraine, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer and tension headaches as well as various other problems. It is commonly estimated that symptoms of stress-related illnesses cause fifty to eighty per cent of physician visits. These problems can usually be treated or prevented effectively by learning to regulate the musculature, central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.


  • Autonomic Control - The autonomic system is composed of the parasympathetic branch (active during relaxation and digestion) and the sympathetic unit (functional in response to stress). Self-regulation of sympathetic nervous system activity is performed with foot and hand-warming and with control of palmar sweating. Comprehensively, this may be thought of as quieting the emotions.
  • Muscle Relaxation - Do you know that your muscles activate? Yes, as part of the fight-flight pattern, your muscle response to stress. Muscles use much more energy when they are active (in comparison, when they are relaxed). When muscles are at rest, messages are sent to the brain to convey that "everything is OK." This serves to relax both the sympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. Muscle relaxation can be conceived of as quieting and relaxing the body.

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