Avoid These Bad Work-From-Home Habits That Can Wreck Your Mental Health

While work from home is comforting for many people, it can be health-wrecking for some who aren’t used to staying home.

Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jul 29, 2020
Avoid These Bad Work-From-Home Habits That Can Wreck Your Mental Health

Different people have a different take on work-from-home. Some love this setup as it has helped them stay in the comforting environment of home, avoid long commutes, etc. And there are some who feel more pressurized and worked up in this arrangement. Regardless of the liking, this pandemic has made most people do work from home. We must not forget that we are safe, think about the frontline workers who are outdoors exposing themselves to this virus for their duties. But a lot of people who are facing mental and emotional challenges in WFH. There are certain habits that are wrecking the psychological health of people. 

Work-From-Home Habits That Are Bad For Mental Health

Here are some habits that are contributing to poor mental health and breakdown.

1. Not having proper lunch

Unlike the office where we used to have lunch during the break, working from home has turned our habits upside down. In order to avoid the hustle of cooking and saving some time, we aren’t really having a proper meal. We just live on snacks if we do not have someone at home to cook and feed. We have become lazy and easy food tempts us. But this is causing a nutrient imbalance in the body which affects holistic health.

2. Skipping meals

If easy meals weren’t enough, sometimes we forget to eat anything. We are so engrossed or occupied in our work that skipping the meal seems the best idea. This is also a bad habit. 

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3. Unwillingness to socialize

This work from home setup makes us extremely lazy. To an extent that we do not wish to step out even on a day off. Though we are unable to do much during this outbreak situation, we still do not feel like going out. Staying indoors and not exposing ourselves to the sun and fresh air causes unseen damage to our body in the form of vitamin deprivation. No socializing affects our psychological health.

4. Not exercising enough

We were at least physically active when going to the office. Now, we just get up, take our laptop and sit to work. No physical activity is reduced. Also, we are too lazy to exercise at home which is another minus. Most of us find excuses to not exercise which becomes a daily habit. This can also give you back pain. Not exercising and just lazying around not only causes physical but also mental fatigue that we do not realize until we feel drowsy and fatigued.

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5. Working in bed

The biggest sin we are doing to our health is working in bed. Having a proper work setup is important to activate our brain for work. When you work in bed, your brain still is in the resting mode which is why we fail to concentrate if we work in bed.


6. Working in comfort clothes

When your mood is dim, the one thing that can change the vibe is your dressing. We understand working in pajamas is more comfortable but sometimes, play dress up like you would for a normal office shift.

If you are working from home, make sure that you are not doing these things that can wreck your mental health. Be sensible, be safe.

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