Extreme Migraine: 5 Types Of Rare Migraines You Must Know About

Migraine are also of different kinds, read here to know about different types of migraine and its effect on your body.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 21,2022
Updated at: May 21,2022

Those who do not have migraine have no idea how bad it feels like. It is a very common disease that affects around 1 in every 10 people in India. Unfortunately, more cases of this disease are emerging, especially in young children which is very problematic. Migraine pain can range from normal to severe depending on the type. We just know about one type of migraine pain but there are many more than are caused because of different reasons. Symptoms of migraine can also vary slightly depending on the type of migraine you are suffering from. Today, we are going to discuss about some rare types of migraine and how can they affect your health.  

Types of Extreme Migraines 

It is very much possibly that majority of migraines that happen over extreme conditions are rarely occurring. This is also for the symptoms and complications that happen over the other parts of the body. The variants of migraine are usually named after the part of the body they affect the most. We spoke to Dr. RK Aggarwal, Head Consultant of Neurology Department, from Vozart Healthcare Hospital, Pune to help us know about the extreme types of migraine that could occur to people. 


1. Hemiplegic Migraine 

This is a type of migraine that affects a very limited population. People those who have hemiplegic migraine attack can often experience paralysis or weakness in one particular side of the body. Hemiplegic migraine could also cause different types of symptoms that could mimic a stroke. It could even cause disturbances in speech and vision. The paralysis that happens in this migraine is usually temporary and last for few days. 

Hemiplegic Migraine is further divided into two types- 

Familial hemiplegic migraine- As the name suggests, this is a type of inherited genetic migrant disorder which is caused because of genetic conditions. Only genetic condition or testing can determine whether you have gene mutations that are associated with this disorder or not. If anyone in your family has FHM then you can have greater risk of this disorder. 

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Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine- This is a type of migraine that is not associated with any kind of genetic mutations. Hemiplegic migraine that occurs in people without any symptom of genetic disorder fall in this category. Both FHM and SHM are diagnosed after you have got symptoms of hemiplegic migraine.  

2. Abdominal Migraine 

You would be surprised to know that there is also something called abdominal migraine. This type of migraine usually occurs in children. Symptoms of abdominal migraine can last up to 1 to 74 hours. Most common symptoms include- 

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting  
  • Flushing 

Do two abdominal migraines, you can even have disorders such as delayed development and attention deficit disorder.   

3. Chronic Migraine 

Chronic migraines are most common among the extreme types of migraines that affect people. Those who experience repeated and ongoing episodes of migraine might be affected by chornic migraine. You can say that this is an advanced form of the migraine that could particulary mean more trouble and discomfort. Chronic migraine is also callled as transformed migraine because of this reason.  

If you have this type of migraine, then there are severe migraine episodes that might last from few hours to a day or even more. Migraine attacks become very common and you have them almost on a daily basis. Chronic migraine usually begins in the end of teenage or early twenties.  

4. Status Migrainosus 

Status Migrainosus is also known as intractable migraine. This is a very serious and rare type of migraine variant, which could even get you hospitalized. This migraine causes symptoms and attack so severe that you cannot handle it on your own. You need a quick medical support in order to neutralise its effect. Migrain episodes in status migraine can last upto 72 hours continuously and can make it hell for the patient. It leads a person to dehydration and only intravenous treatment can help to regain hydration in the body. 

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5. Retinal Migraine 

Retinal migraine is a rare type of migraine, that occurs in the retina of eyes. This causes visual disturbances and blind spots in your vision. You might even lose a sight of the field in some cases. Retinal migraine could last for a minute to an hour and then the headache begins to occur and affect you.

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