Guava During Pregnancy: Is It Beneficial For Your Health? Know From Expert

Guava can be beneficial during pregnancy to reduce complications, check out the following health benefits for mindful pregnancy. 

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-05-04 16:46

Our family and relatives tell us to eat different things during pregnancy. Some foods are also restricted in order to prevent any complications during pregnancy. Now guava is not a very much talked about fruit but it can actually benefit your health during pregnancy. Guava is said to provide good source of vitamin C, fiber and folate that are beneficial to promote healthy pregnancy. It also aids in boosting fertility as well as aiding in fertility. Pregnancy is such a delicate stage, which requires attention and good nutrition. Let us know if guava is effective in providing health benefits to a pregnant woman.  

Guava During Pregnancy 

We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist at Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know if guava can be beneficial in terms of pregnancy and have benefits for it. Nutritionist explained that it is definitely a very important fruit in terms pregnancy is concerned because it promotes health of the fetus and benefits your health. Guava supplements, extracts and tea that is made from fruits or leaves are easy on the stomach and can provide with anti-inflammatory compounds and aid in growth. Guava can also prevent some usual infection from spreading in the body and blood because of antioxidants present in guava leaves and skin. 


Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy 

As nutritionist explains, guava is rich in plant compounds that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent health complications. Here are some benefits that you must consider while choosing this fruit in your diet.  

1. High in Necessary Nutrients 

To support a healthy fetal development, it is important to have high amount of proteins, vitamin C and folate which all are present in the guava. In particular vitamin C helps in the development of baby and increases absorption of iron as well. It could be great to eat guava during pregnancy as it can even deliver oxygen to their baby efficiently. Further folate intake during pregnancy helps to prevent birth defects which could be problematic after birth. 

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2. May relieve Digestive Issues 

There have also been researches that suggest that guava can aid in digestive issues and enzyme production. It could be beneficial in this following problem evidently found during pregnancy- 

  • Acid reflux 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 

3. Reduces risk of High Blood Pressure 

Another benefit of eating guava in the diet is that you can prevent you from getting preeclampsia. It is a complication which is marked because of possible kidney or liver damage. This could get even worse in case kidney or liver damage happens during pregnancy. Nutrients present in guava can actually reduce the risk of high blood pressure and can inhibit enzymes that could possibly contribute towards significant health benefits. 

4. Guava leaf can improve blood sugar levels 

People that are affected with gestational diabetes contribute in making of 10% of cases. This condition could get worse in the condition of pregnancy. The hormone fluctuation might not be able to cause insulin levels and result in insulin resistant during pregnancy. This condition leads to complications of early birth of high birth weight. Eating guava leaves regularly or making a tea out of it could be helpful in reducing these complications.  

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5. Might benefit you in fertility 

Due to high imbalance of nutrients, it becomes hard for the woman to conceive in some case, especially in women over age of 35 years. Some studies suggest that guava can aid in boosting fertility because it contains rich amount of vitamin C, folate and fiber that could be beneficial for purpose of pregnancy. Also, guava has active components that could lower pregnancy related risks in the body.

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