Expert Explains Why Pregnant Women Must Take Physiotherapy Sessions

Read this article to understand why women should consider physiotherapy sessions for a healthy pregnancy experience.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 04, 2022Updated at: May 04, 2022
Expert Explains Why Pregnant Women Must Take Physiotherapy Sessions

If you think physiotherapy is only beneficial for people with some kind of physical pain or ailment, you are wrong. Physiotherapy is an allied health profession that is found to be helpful in alleviating almost all kinds of physical issues effectively with ease. But that is not all, physiotherapy is also good in averting potential risks that a person is exposed to. Women who are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant shall also consider taking physiotherapy sessions for the benefits it offer. In this article, Dr. Ashwini Marathe, Head of Physiotherapy Operations at Phyt.Health (AI-assisted Digital Physiotherapy Platform) explains benefits of physiotherapy for pregnancy.

Is physiotherapy good for pregnant woman?

The basis of physiotherapy is to help repair and preserve one's fitness levels and health. This treatment is also of great assistance in stopping any injuries and helps in actual physical healing. Many medical professionals have widely recommended pregnant women to incorporate physiotherapy exercises in their pregnancy routine. Physiotherapy treatment covers the period from pre to post pregnancy.


Those women suffering from health issues like obesity or anything related to polycystic ovarian disease have to deal with fertility issues. It calls for a custom-made aerobic program to help such women.

  • Research says that exercise helps to lose weight and raises the chances of ovulation and pregnancy, apart from decreasing ovarian cysts.
  • Some women also have to deal with the condition of thyroid hormone. It affects fertility rates, as irregular menstrual and ovulation cycles get impacted by hyper and hypothyroidism.
  • Studies have shown the link between pregnancy issues like premature delivery and miscarriage to thyroid autoimmunity. It also speaks of the link between thyroid troubles and obesity.
  • Thus, an individualized exercise regime can aid in weight loss in these women. Not only do exercises have shown to reduce thyroid gland inflammation and malfunction, they also help in worsening of the condition.

Physiotherapy For Pregnant Ladies

During Pregnancy

A good amount of carefully planned physiotherapy can help a pregnant woman with musculoskeletal pains. The pain in the neck and lower back is quite a huge thing for most pregnant women. What it impacts the most is the ability to get a good sleep. In short, you can avail physiotherapy for pregnancy back pain as well.

  • The pressures from nerves result in tingling in arms and legs. It can be a constant irritant that might not leave you. It is noticeable in the hand and the wrist.
  • Ankles too suffer at times. Swelling in both feet is quite common in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Many women also face disabling issues temporarily.  Urine leakage or incontinence is a common occurrence due to pressures on the pelvic floor muscles. 
  • A constant run to the bathroom is a regular thing for most pregnant women. Physiotherapy can come to the rescue in such cases.
  • If a physiotherapy schedule is maintained, the would-be mothers can deal with their issues, from mobility and carriage to breathing. Any bodily changes can be eased with the aid of physiotherapy.
  • Prenatal physiotherapy helps in dealing with and easing any worry.
  • It aids expectant mothers in dealing with delivery and post-delivery life too. In general, it allows pregnant women to relax and deal with any health issues better.

Physiotherapy For Pregnant Ladies

Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy will not just help deal with delivery troubles and health but also post-delivery of the baby too. Every mother of a newborn baby should go with postnatal physiotherapy as it helps them with nursing functionalities and the methods to handle a newborn.

Since the pelvic area deals with pressure during the pregnancy and delivery, working on pelvic floor exercises will be a boon. Once the doctor agrees, it is essential to start working on these muscles. The issues of incontinence and more will also be in control with these exercises. 

Most mothers get suggested to recommence a fitness routine after a time. The physiotherapist then helps them with the correct exercises. A few mothers might have to deal with post-pregnancy health issues like Diastasis Recti which can worsen with your regular abdominal crunches. A very common mistake seen in these, women who are eager to lose their belly fat. It is advisable that they get a complete assessment before getting involved in any exercise methods.


In the end, physiotherapy can be a helping hand to women at all stages of pregnancy. The only thing they need to do is ask for proper guidance and follow it through.

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