The 4 Best Machines Exercises To Tone Your Legs

When performing the following machine exercises, your goal should be to concentrate on exercise rather than weight.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-03-20 17:51

Summer is the time when the gym is crowded with people, but the crowd is hardly seen on Saturday. This is because widely Saturday is the official leg day at the gym, and that’s something most are afraid of. Legs are half of our body, and training them takes a lot of energy and can even make some people feel nauseous . What happens if you skip leg day? You end up gaining fat in your lower body because your glutes and quads are stubborn areas where your body stores fat fast. So, if you're tired of dieting and still can't lose leg fat, let's start by learning how to tone your legs and the exercise machines that can help with toning.

How To Tone Your Legs?

If you want to tone your legs, your goal should be to focus on muscle building and fat loss. Fat loss occurs when you combine a calorie-deficit diet plan with exercise and adequate sleep. Toning takes time because you are doing two things at once, i.e: fat loss and muscle building, so you must be patient and give your body at least 16 weeks to transform. The only thing to remember is that you must change your workout plan and increase the reps every 20 days to avoid hitting a weight loss plateau.

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Exercise Machine For Toning Legs

1) Smith Machine

If you've ever been to the gym or attempted to learn squatting, the first exercise that every trainer recommends is the smith machine. A smith machine is a machine that provides momentum, similar to having a weight attached to the machine, which aids in the smooth execution of reps. How can it help tone legs? Squats are one of the best exercises for developing the lower body, but performing free squats is difficult. Performing squats on a smith machine improves mind-muscle connection and increases range of motion, which aids in fat building and fat loss.

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2) Leg Press

The leg press is one of the best exercises for targeting troublesome glutes and quads. When you do a leg press, your legs use energy from your glutes to press the weight away with the help of your quads, which helps activate muscle fibre and burn fat. The only thing to remember before performing a leg press is to have adequate hip mobility, because all of your force and weight in this movement is dependent on your glutes, and not having one can result in serious injury.

3) Leg Extension

Struggling with thigh fat? Incorporating leg extension exercises into your routine could be a game changer. Leg extension targets your quads, and because it is a seated exercise, you can target them from all angles. The best thing about leg extensions is that they are simple to perform and can even be done by a beginner.

4) Leg Curl

Leg curl is an isolation exercise that targets the back of the leg: the hamstrings. Where people go wrong in this exercise is that they try to lift heavy, which removes all of the force from the hamstrings and brings the glutes and lower back into play. As a result, it is recommended that you begin with light weight, focus on form, and perform controlled and slow reps.

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