All About Casein Protein and Its Health Advantages For Muscle Growth

Casein protein is a dairy protein derived from milk. Here are some of its best health benefits for muscle growth and fat loss.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 29, 2020Updated at: May 29, 2020
All About Casein Protein and Its Health Advantages For Muscle Growth

Bodybuilders know the importance of protein in their diet. Those who aspire to gain muscle mass also rely on protein to cater to their needs. Also, there are different types of protein supplements for muscle growth. Most people are aware of whey protein and therefore, we thought of introducing the other protein variant to you- Casein protein. Only people who are interested in muscle gains would know about this one. When compared, casein protein is said to be better than whey protein but why? What is the difference between whey protein and casein protein? What are casein protein health advantages? Let’s find out.

What is casein protein?

To begin with, casein is also a dairy protein(derived with milk) like whey but it is slow-digesting. Milk has two types of proteins- whey and casein. Whey is just 20% of the milk protein whereas casein is 80%. Whey protein gets quickly digested but casein is slow-digesting which is the main difference between these two dairy proteins. 

Casein is a complete source of protein just like other animal protein which means that it suffices the body’s need for essential amino acids. There are various bioactive compounds and unique proteins in casein protein that offer numerous health benefits. It releases amino acids in the body to promote muscle recovery. Mostly, it is taken before bed to reduce muscle breakdown during sleep and increase muscle recovery. You can also prevent age-related muscle loss with protein intake.

Casein protein has two forms: Micellar Casein and Casein Hydrolysate. Micellar casein is slowly digested and the hydrolysate form gets rapidly digested.

Why Casein is better than whey?

Besides muscle growth and repair, there are several other health benefits that the casein protein offer. Let us take a look at why casein protein is said to be better than whey protein.

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Casein is slowly absorbed

Due to its slow absorption rate, casein is also popular as a ‘time-release’ protein. This way, it supplies amino acids slowly and for a longer time. This helps in better protein synthesis. It is consumed at night to help the muscles get amino acids even if you aren’t eating. For this property, casein protein is called anti-catabolic on nature. Drinking Protein Coffee is also a good way to boost health.

Casein Protein For Muscle Growth

This has been the favorite protein supplement for bodybuilders for decades. It provides essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. Along with that, it also delivers Leucine in high amounts which act as a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis. This means despite consuming less protein, your muscle growth process will continue and you will get stronger muscles within months.

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Other Health Benefits Of Casein Protein Powder

If you think casein protein is just for muscle growth, you will be blown away by its other health benefits. 

  • Fat loss: A study found that fat loss was three times higher in people who consumed casein protein as compared to the placebo group. This means, you gain muscles and lose unnecessary fat.
  • Immune benefits: Some studies also found that casein protein is good for strengthening immunity and it may also help in controlling high blood pressure.
  • This protein also reduces triglyceride levels after having a meal.

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