Effects Of Stress On Physical Health And Ways To Tackle It

Stress can affect all aspect of our life. It is known for causing mental health problems. Do you know that it can affect your physical health as well? 

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Effects Of Stress On Physical Health And Ways To Tackle It

Stress is a part of life. A little stress is needed to perform well. But in modern times, stress is taking away normal human life. Stress has a different meaning for different people. Everyone deal with their stress differently. But it is not just a matter of time.

While little stress is ok, too much stress is not good for our physical and mental health. Long term or chronic stress can have adverse impacts on our overall health. We all know about the kind of mental harm done by stress. Depression, mood swings, focus difficulty, etc are the major mental issues given by stress.

Stress can affect our physical health. It is a less known fact but it is medically proven statement. Physical effects of stress are one factor which is not taken into consideration most of the time. 

Insomnia is one common physical effect of stress. Not able to fall asleep and getting up in the middle of the night can be one reason our stress is affecting our body. Other repercussions are upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heart problems (such as palpitations) and blood pressure. 

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Various physical health effects of stress are

  • Dullness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach problems like diarrhea, constipation, and nausea
  • Muscle aches and tension in muscles
  • Increased rate of heartbeat and pain in the chest
  • Insomnia or inability to sleep
  • Repeated colds and infections
  • Reduction of sexual desire and ability
  • Nervousness 
  • Sweating in hands and feet
  • Dryness in mouth and difficulty in swallowing
  • Grinding of teeth

While anxiety, feeling irritable or impatient, anger is the common signs of stress. Physical effects are not taken into consideration most of the times. Chronic stress can worsen your physical health making a person think of new disease. It can be stressful which is making you prone to various diseases and making your daily life problems.

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Ways to tackle stress

While tackling the physical effects of stress, going for medication from the doctor and trying various home remedies is taken as the key. But this will not solve your problem. You can try some simple yet effective methods to tackle stress and keep your mental as well as physical health intact.

  • Meditation: It will keep your body, as well as brain in, relax position paving way for peaceful de-stress mode.
  • Breathing exercise: Breathing exercises are not just good for the respiratory system but are also good for keeping stress at bay.
  • Conversation: Talking with your near dears can help you tackle stress efficiently. Conversation can solve many problems and will act as the best therapy for stress.
  • Routine: Keeping yourself in a schedule can also help to effectively manage stress as it will help you complete your task on time sparing some time for you.
  • Food: Taking the right food on time can help you tackle stress as it will not only keep your health good but also fills you with energy to perform various task.

Stress can affect your body adversely. So, keep yourself away from stress. Relax, exercise and be calm to keep yourself stress-free. After all, health is everything

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