A step-by-step guide to dual purple shade eye makeup

Smoky eyes look hot, and those done with dual purple shade look even hotter. Add ten times more oomph to your look by doing dual purple shade eye makeup, as described step-by-step in this post. Take a  look at the video tutorial too.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jul 20, 2015
A step-by-step guide to dual purple shade eye makeup

We all know what a black smoky eye looks like, so for this season, we are going to mix our smoky black eye shadow with a little bit of purple.

Preparing base for the eye makeup

For the base colour, use a black gel liner; they work really good with this kind of look. Using your small eye shadow brush, apply the gel liner right on the top of the lids.

Once you have got your eyeliner in a semi-circle on the lid, blend the edges with a big eye shadow smudger brush very quickly so that the ugly line of the base colour isn’t visible. If the base colour is not blended properly, blending another colour would be difficult.

Now, use a bit of translucent powder underneath the eye so if there’s any colour fallout, you can easily brush it aside.

Puple eye makeup

Introducing purple colour to the makeup

You can now use your second colour, which is purple. Use it right on the edge of the crease line. Quickly blend it with a medium eye shadow brush, making circular strokes to let it align. Use the same product underneath the eyelash. You can use it on a larger area, spreading the colour out of the lash line because eventually you will be using the black colour closer to the lash line.

You must by now have a beautiful violet colour on your eyes. Make sure that you use waterproof products so that even if you end up sweating, swimming or crying, your makeup will be just in place.

Now, use a bit of pigment to give transparency, highlights and shine to the makeup. They are available across all cosmetics brands.

Using a big brush on the top area and a smaller crease line brush for bottom, apply the powder to outskirts of the purple eye shadow on top and the bottom of the eye. Blend the pigment into top outer edges of the eye shadow.

Highlighting the eyes

Leave just a little bit of space for the highlight—using a smudger brush and highlighting eye shadow, highlight the brow-bone area i.e. area underneath the brows. Work your product into the brow to make it appear natural and dewy. Keep blending the colours into each other.

To finish it up, you will have to do the eye-lining, mascara and shaping of brows. It is really important to do the brows at this stage because the eyes look so strong that the brows also have to be strong to carry the makeup through. Do your brows in an upside down “V” using a brow-wand or a baby toothbrush.

Now, use a water-proof kohl pencil right on top of the eye lid, next to the lash line. Since you have already used the gel liner, you can now skip it and use a kohl pencil instead, which will give your eyes a beautiful, shiny and strong look. If you want you can blend it through, or just leave it like that. If you really want to blend this through, use an angular chiselled brush and blend the edges out. Use the same product underneath your eyes.

Dual purple shade

The next step is to open the eyes up a little using a skin-tone kajal. This will brighten the eyes and make them look bigger, brighter and colourful. Do not use black kajal inside because it makes your eyes look smaller.

Lastly, use mascara all the way through the bottom of lashes. Let it dry before moving up to the top. If there are any clumps, use a wand to take them off. Work a final coat of mascara from the top inner corner to the outer corner, making sure they look nice, thick and long.

That’s how you’ll get the bright dual purple shade eye makeup look.

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