A Pen-like Device Promises to Beat Arthritis Pain

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Dec 27, 2012

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A Pen like Device Promises to Beat Arthritis Pain

British scientists have developed a ‘pen’ that relives arthritis pain. The device uses super-cold temperatures to block pain. Tip of the pen is cold that sends nerves into hibernation, without damaging any tissue. Developed by American company called MyoScience, the device works on the principles of cryotherapy.

The development is a hope for millions crippled by arthritis and those who have frequent headaches and facial pain. It is a small-hand held gadget that has a tip identical to ballpoint pen, which is cooled to -20 C using liquid nitrogen. The tip of the gadget is inserted against a nerve, causing it to hibernate and block pain signals. On nerve’s exposure to extreme cold, immune system is boosted and muscle pain is relieved. [Read: Arthritis Pain]

Already approved for use in Britain, early trials of the gadget are positive. According to the users, the device provides immediate relief with each treatment session taking around 30 to 45 minutes.



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