7 Things you can learn from highly resilient people

Resilient people have the ability to take something positive from every experience and this is why they do not go down so easily. There is a lot to learn from them.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Mind BodyWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Mar 31, 2016
7 Things you can learn from highly resilient people

The word resilient means to come back to shape and form, usually after getting battered and beaten. People who have this ability are often referred to as fighters, they are headstrong and nothing can bend them or destroy them. Success is after all not a straight road and those who walk this way often experience obstruction. It is important to note habits of successful people, they have new ideas and they create something out of their mind instead of following the herd. This can often cause them to stop and take a beating, professionally, mentally or even emotionally, but being resilient can take them a long way.

7 Things you can learn from highly resilient people

Sticking to your idea of something and getting up to get back in form is what is very important. After all, it is not about how hard you can hit, it is about how you can get back up after taking every hit.

Bringing positivity out

Resilient people have the ability to take something positive from every experience and this is why they do not go down so easily. Failure to them is not the end-all, but could be the beginning of a win. Highly resilient people take failure to turn it around and learn from it, so that in the future they do not commit the same mistakes and emerge victorious.

Having a sense of self

One of the best habits of successful people is that they have a strong sense of self and no one can alter that. They have an incredible inner strength which helps them to reach their potential. This strong inner strength allows them to deflect criticism, alienation and ridicule, because deep within they believe in themselves.

Acknowledge the past

For those who are resilient, the past does not haunt them, as they come to terms with their past and acknowledge it. Resilient people learn to forget and forgive because the past only hinders them from moving forward. They know very well that dwelling in the past can only make them feel worse, so in order to get back in the game, they need to come to terms with their past.

Accept change

It is in the nature of resilient people to accept change as the eternal truth of life. Highly resilient people do not like to predict daily life and events, they do not take things for granted, instead they accept change. They are more open to what’s new and have a sense of greater understanding than most. This allows them to move forward undisturbed and be highly revered by one and all.

Having a long term view

People who are resilient are found to be mentally equipped for the future; they are prepared for the long haul. They may not reap immediate results but that does not push them to give up. Resilient people have the patience to wait and watch the outcome of their efforts. True, some results may take time to show up so all one can do is wait.

Sleep well

A well-functioned human being needs to get a good night’s sleep and that is very important for good work. One important habit of successful people is that they sleep well so as to get ready for the next day’s work. Highly resilient people are often found to sleep on time and wake up on time. This is a key factor which allows them all the energy and fuel to stay on their feet and keep at it.

Taking care of health

A key factor for success is taking care of one’s health. This is why highly resilient people eat well and get regular exercises. This means that they have a healthy routine going – their day always starts with exercise and a heavy high protein breakfast. Those who are resilient require a healthy routine to keep them going and this is one very important reason for their successful career.

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