5-Step Guide To Fix The Hangover Face For Men

If you are a party animal who cannot do without drinks, this article can be useful to you

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Feb 07, 2020 19:58 IST
5-Step Guide To Fix The Hangover Face For Men

Are you someone whose celebrations are incomplete without having 2 pegs? Whether it is a weekend party or best friend’s cocktail, you cannot resist getting high on alcohol to enjoy the night. But what about the next morning when you’re supposed to report your office on time? You cannot afford to miss out on an important meeting because of the hangover, right! Also, you cannot go with a hungover face(puffy face and sleepy eyes) that counts for unprofessional behavior. Don’t let your hungover face ruin anything and try these quick fixes to freshen your face.

Step 1: Drink lots of water


First and foremost, load yourself with water. If you can drink water before you drink alcohol and in between every drink as it is believed to reduce hangover. As soon as you wake up, drink 2-3 glasses of water at least. This detoxifies the body and releases the toxins while hydrating your body. Water not only fixes your stomach health but is also essential to revive your skin.

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2. Take A Shower


We know that showering is tad a task when you are in the hangover state but do it. Brace yourself and take a shower. It would be better if you could bath with lukewarm water as it boosts blood circulation in the body which helps in energizing the body. You will feel good and refreshed after taking a nice shower.

3. Massage your face 


Your puffy face would tell the story of last night that you’d definitely don’t want to tell others. Imagine your parents coming to see you and you’re still hungover! If you want to keep your drinking a secret, perform this exercise.

Massage your face with gentle strokes to boost circulation to reduce puffiness. It boosts lymphatic drainage which helps in reducing inflammation from the face. 

4. Fix your red eyes and puffy under-eyes

Fixing your drunk eyes is also necessary. Red eyes mean moisture loss in the eyes. Use eye drops to moisten them and treat the redness. You may also wake yourself up with caffeine but don’t drink too much as it is also harmful. If you under eyes look baggy and dark, conceal them with a concealer. This makeup product can be your savior in tough times. 

Here’s how you can use the concealer:

Put a little concealer on your eyes and under eyes. Now use your fingers to blend it in. Don’t be harsh, do it gently for proper blending or else it will look fake.

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5. Have a painkiller


Headache is a sign of hangover. People who drank heavily last night tend to suffer from headaches and heavy headedness the following morning. Painkillers like aspirin can bring relief as it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and puffiness around the eyes. 

6. Fix your breath

Lastly, fix your post-bender mouth. This is one of the most important steps as your foul breath can come into anybody’s notice. Brush your teeth and use a mouth wash to fix your breath and smell good.

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