5 Reasons You should definitely Holiday, No Matter How Busy You Are

It may not be easy to take a trip every weekend, but not taking any for years can cause detrimental effects to one's mind and body. So here are 5 reasons why you must take an annual trip.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Mind BodyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Apr 02, 2015
5 Reasons You should definitely Holiday, No Matter How Busy You Are

Most corporations give little to no importance to their employees’ peace of mind. But, that should not give you the ticket to feel proud about slogging day in and out year after year without pausing to breathe. If you are the kind who does not mind finishing up a task over the weekend instead of investing the time at something self-loving, you have an unhealthy routine that will make you lose your mind before you know it.  If that is not reason enough, there are more.


Your stress levels will fall dramatically

When you are in the middle of stresses and pressures at work, it can get hard for you to see things through clearly or make peace with issues rationally. In such a situation, taking a break for as little as a day can help you to regain your perspective on your role at work as well as within life. When you return to work after the break, you will be more composed and less stressed.


You will be more satisfied with your work

To know that your superior understands how important your personal life is will make you feel more valued. It in fact, serves as intimation that being away from office for a while actually helps in bettering teamwork and boosting the employee’s morale. The members of a team end up working in a more collaborative way when they are prepared to take up the roles of those employees who are not present.


Your concentration levels will increase rapidly

Once you return from vacations you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of focus and concentration you have at work. When you take the time to unwind from everyday stresses, you tend to return to your job with more confidence as well as motivation to face all work-related challenges with a clear and calm mind.


Your health improves drastically

Taking a vacation can improve your health. According to the New York Times, those who take less than one vacation every two years are highly likely to suffer from depression as well as burnout. Also, those who take annual vacations tend to have a 21 percent higher risk of death and about 32 percent are more likely to suffer a heart attack.


You understand that family is more important

It can be exhausting to return home to your family after a hard day’s work.  But when you take time out for them from everyday grind, you put giving importance to bonding and growing as a family at the forefront of your life. This makes you and your family to be together and enjoy some precious family time.

To take some time off from work does not make you irresponsible, instead it makes you look away from your work that you had been slogging for onto yourself because you do need to practice self-care.


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