5 Exercise Machines to Avoid at the Gym

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Mar 20, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Most people rely on machines as they seem to be easy
  • But free weights are your safest bet for gym
  • Do not use seated chest fly and instead do push-up

The tormented man when in need to prove to himself the quality of his life and times often takes refuge in the clanking of weights. Going to the gym is a modern fad more than a lifestyle choice because most people get it wrong.

Modern gymnasiums have many fancy gym equipments but the truth is that free weights are more versatile than these machines. Why? Because, with a pair of dumbbells you could work on your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, legs, back and hence as you can see pretty much the entire body. Of course, for beginners, it is easy to use machines, as a lot of help in coordination and support can be found here, but they are not all very safe. If you are going to use machines to workout then here is a guide for you, avoid these four exercise machines by all means!

Seated Leg Curl

You will use these machines to train your quadriceps, or the front thigh and also the hamstrings which is the back of your thigh. Trainers usually do agree that this creates a motion that your legs are not designed to do, and which can also put a strain on your ligaments along with the tendons that are surrounding the kneecaps.

Seated Chest Fly

This is a good and renowned exercise for your chest and also the shoulders. But you must be careful with this as it can put your shoulder in an unstable position and could place an excessive amount of stress on the shoulder joint and the connective tissue.

A better option is simple push-ups.

Seated Hip Abductor

These are machines that are designed to train your outer and inner thighs, and the truth is that because you are seated these exercises train movement that has no particular functional use. When you are using these machines with too much weight, or if this is done in bad form then you can put a strain on your spine.  These machines are just plain wrong, and a better exercise could be the side lunge.

Any Abdominal Machines

These are of no good, abdominal machines do not help you in any manner. These machines could be of some help when it comes to your outer abdomen, but you don’t get any muscle tone and could play a role in making your abs less flat. Forget this sort of modern fad and go for planks.

Seated Shoulder Press

Those shoulder press machines that require you to sit and work out on could be very bad for your body. They have a restrictive range of motion and could lead to a serious injury as it leaves your muscles in an awkward position. The best alternative is to use free weights or a medicine ball for your benefit, which can also increase your heartbeat which would add to your credit.

Finally, you must always remember that you are required to do cardio exercises before you start off any exercises, and also should do enough stretches.

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