5 Biggest Salad Mistakes That We Need to Stop Making Now

We resort to salads for a lot of reasons – detox, weight loss. However, eating salads without thought cannot help in any of the following. We tend to make some glaring mistakes while choosing our vegetables for salads

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Healthy DietWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 08, 2019
5 Biggest Salad Mistakes That We Need to Stop Making Now

In this heat, when most of us run from heavy and oily food, what comes in handy is a salad. With several excellent health benefits associated with salads for healthy living and weight loss, of course, we tend to go wrong on the composition of salads. What we think would be healthy and low-fat, can be the total opposite of it. It is essential to choose the right food groups while making a salad. Excess of protein, carbs and even fibre can hamper your weight loss plans. 

A salad always makes for a fresh and cool meal for the summers.  The choice of vegetables and the dressing makes the salad an interesting one, away from the regulars that become more of a task to eat. The main innovation to make a salad interesting is the variety of colours in a single salad. One can use different types of Greens, Reds and Yellows with a hint of Cheesy Whites. The different kinds of cheese have their flavours and properties to make the salad more attractive. To help you make the most of your salad meals, here are some of the common mistakes that we often make while making our salads: 

Irregular proportions of protein 

Protein makes for an essential element in a salad. Protein is great for those wanting to lose weight. Dieters should manage their protein intake as per the exercise they do. However, we often end up adding too much or too little protein in a salad. E.g., chicken, cheese and eggs together add up to very high protein levels in the salad. Even though protein is important to manage weight, but excess can be detrimental too. Excess protein restricts weight loss and gets accumulated in the fat cells. 

TIP: For a balanced protein serving, add plant-based protein (beans) or even seafood in place of eggs and chicken together. Try to restrict putting eggs and cheese together. 

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Not much vegetables 

Most of the salad consists of vegetables. It is essential to add a variety of greens and veggies in the salad for maximum benefits. Greens and vegetables are high on fibre, helping in proper digestion and a regular bowel movement. Loading up your salads with just meats and proteins may not help you reap all the benefits. 

TIP: To make your salads apt for weight loss purpose, make your salad look colourful with vegetables of various colours. One serving of salad should have at least two cups of vegetables including bell peppers (red, yellow and green), cabbage (purple and green), broccoli, tomatoes and should keep changing. Eating the same thing every day may not help you lose weight. 

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Irregular portions of fat

All fats are not harmful and neither its overdose. It is important to know the fat content you are eating in one portion of salad. It is easier to control the fat intake and plan your workouts accordingly. Healthy fats are essential to reduce inflammation. Salad dressings are not the only way to add that little fat content in the salad. Salad dressings are added to give it a slight flavour. Apart from olive oil, one can add nuts and other food groups which are high on fat for a good crunch. 

TIP: While preparing the salad, do not think twice before adding a good serving of olive oil and nuts together. It will help supplement your body with the required fat content.  

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