These High Fatty Food Are Good For Weight Loss

We always get to hear how fats are detrimental to weight loss. However, some healthy fats are a must for complete nutrition and faster weight loss

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Jun 04, 2019 11:16 IST
These High Fatty Food Are Good For Weight Loss

The term ‘fatty food’ does ring an alarm in our heads. The first thing that comes to our mind is enhanced weight, ugly bulge around the tummy, even cellulite and what not. However, if we say that some fatty foods items are good for weight loss, how would you feel? It is essential for the body to get some fats for a faster weight loss. There is a thin line between healthily eating fats than eating fats in any amount. In a time when fats and processed food are more readily available in cheaper price options, the concept of eating fat/processed food has gone way out of control. However, some fats are a must to have for that perfect body. So now, all fatty foods are not supposed to be out-of-bounds, some can be relished wholeheartedly:


Even though avocados are loaded with fats and are high on carbs, avocados have more than 77% fats in it. Avocados consist of a monosaturated fat called the oleic acid. This type of fatty acid is also available in olive oil, which is packed with health benefits. Potassium makes for a significant element in a diet and avocados are high in potassium, making it a great source of fibre. Including avocados in the diet helps in the reduction of cholesterol. In return, this fruit helps in increasing the good cholesterol and control the harmful cholesterol levels in the body. Primarily, due to the high content of fibre and potassium, avocados are great for cardiovascular health. 

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High on fat and incredibly irresistible to resist, cheese is very healthy and a must to consume in the daily diet. A single slice of cheese is made up of one glass of milk. As cheese is a dairy by-product, it is high in calcium, vitamin B12 and contains many other nutrients. Cheese is also packed with his fatty acids but consists of the goodness of a full glass of milk. Controlled portions of cheese intake is good for health and also adds a tasteful zing to the dish. The fatty acids in cheese help in controlling type-2 diabetes. 

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Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are jinxed to be fattening and challenging to resist. But dark chocolate, which with around 70% cocoa as its composition, is good for health and helps in enhancing the mood of an individual. Dark chocolate contains 65% fat content but is rich in antioxidants. It also contains copper, manganese and iron. Dark chocolate is essential as it helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and lower the blood pressure. 


Even though nuts are extremely high in fat, what it consists of is good fats. It helps in rightly expedite the metabolism, resulting in faster digestion of food. Nuts are a great source of plant-based protein and work best to curb sudden hunger pangs. A handful of nuts to control hunger is the healthiest way to avoid eating junk food. Some of the healthy fatty nuts that are must in the diet include macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachio and many more. 

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