5 Health Benefits of Consuming Taro Root

High on starch food can be equally beneficial for an individual to consume, even while trying to lose weight 

Arti Chaudhary
Written by: Arti ChaudharyUpdated at: Jun 03, 2019 15:23 IST
5 Health Benefits of Consuming Taro Root

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The myth says that having starchy food might be harmful to your health, especially when you are trying to get over those extra pounds. But the reality is way different; foods loaded with starch are healthy and enriched with various nutrients like fibre, minerals, and vitamins. One such wonder food is taro root. Taro root is also part starchy, which helps to improve digestion, lower blood sugar levels, avert specific sorts of tumours, guard the skin, improve vision, enhance blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Adding this vegetable in your diet is sure to give your diet a slight change and a boost to your weight loss regime:  

Taro root’s nutritional value

Taro root is loaded with fibre, carbohydrates, contains high levels of vitamin A, C, E, and B6. There is also magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, and copper in it. With all these nutrients, taro root also adds a dash of protein in your diet.

Here are 5 health benefits of adding taro root in your diet

Good for heart health

As you know taro root is rich in potassium, which is an essential mineral that you need to maintain your health and its functioning. The fibre and starch in taro root might help in preventing your heart from various diseases. Potassium eases healthy fluid to transfer between membranes and tissues all over the body and also helps to relieve stress and pressure on blood vessels and arteries. As the veins and blood vessels relax, blood pressure also decreases and thus the stress on the overall cardiovascular system is reduced.

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Improves vision

Various antioxidants, including beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin, are found in taro root. These antioxidants might help in improving your vision as well as prevent free radicals from attacking ocular cells and causing macular degeneration or cataracts. 

Controls blood sugar

Dietary fibre present in taro root helps in lowering the blood sugar as it regulates the release of insulin and glucose in your body. It is difficult to digest fibre and since it’s not absorbed, it has no impact on blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, then it is good for you to eat fibre-rich foods like taro root as it helps prevent dangerous variations in blood sugar levels.

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Prevents cancer

Vitamin A, C, and diverse phenolic antioxidants found in the taro root can boost your immune system and can help you in eliminating dangerous free radicals from your system. Various studies state that cryptoxanthin, which is found in taro root, is directly connected to a lowered chance of developing both lung and oral cancers. The main polyphenol found in taro root is quercetin, which is also present in onions, apples, and tea in a large amount. 

Helps in weight loss

Eating fibre helps in faster digestion and a regular bowel movement, reducing the chances of calorie excess in the body. Various researches found that people who eat more fibre have a tendency of lower body weight and less body fat.

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