5 Best Gyms for Fitness Freaks

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Oct 04, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Fitness First has over 540 centres all over the world
  • Talwalkars has state of the art equipments for gym lovers
  • Gold gym has been featured in a motion picture named ‘Pumping Iron’
  • Ozone fitness and Spa Centre is an amazing amalgamation of luxury and fitness

Are you one of those people, who are always up for a run on a weekend while the rest of the world cannot even think of stepping down their beds? No matter how hot or cold it is outside, no matter what day it is, there are people who are born ready to run, exercise and workout.

We are talking about fitness freaks, who are often found sporting running shoes, track pants and a calorie counter around their wrist. If you are a fitness freak too, you might want to know about these places because they are every fitness enthusiast’s haven.

Gold’s Gym, All over the world

Gold gym tops the list of best fitness places with over 700 facilities all around the globe. Founded in 1965 in California, Gold gym has also been featured in a motion picture, ‘Pumping Iron’. No other place could compete with the quality of environment, trainers and workout equipments that Gold gym has.

Talwalkars, All over India

With over 100 branches spread across India, Talwalkars was first established in Mumbai. With decades of experience and expertise, Talwalkars has the best of trainers that supervise with a whole new level of excellence. If you are expecting results with your workout regime, this is where you should be.

Fitness First, All over the world

Privately held, Fitness First is another place that you should be able to find wherever you are as it has over 540 centers in 18 countries. If you seek notched up level of pumping ambience and personalized training, get to a Fitness First gym near you. It is one of the best places for fitness.

Ozone Fitness and Spa, New Delhi and Gurgaon

With its outlets located in all prime locations such as New Delhi, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, Ozone fitness and Spa Centre is an amazing amalgamation of luxury and fitness. With a world class environment, Ozone takes fitness to a whole new level. With a fully-equipped gym, an arena for yoga and spa, Ozone is one of the best places for people seeking fitness inspiration.

Maxx Fitness Clubzz, New Delhi

We cannot miss out on Maxx Fitness Clubzz while talking about fitness. Located in Delhi, this place is one of the most remarkable destinations to seek personalized training in. Whether you wish to bulk up or get real ripped, this place is ideal.

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