Don't let winters keep you from working out?

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Nov 03, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Warm up before exercising to loosen tight muscles.
  • Wear several layers and don’t expose yourself to cold air.
  • Keep yourself hydrated while exercising.
  • Sit for a while and don't jump into a bath immediately.

As the temperatures head south for the winter, one of the first things that goes down with it is gym attendance. Well, it is understandable, given how much more difficult it is to be able to get up and out of the warmth of the blanket every morning in winter. But if you care about your health, you better not push that snooze button on your alarm clock! And while it is important to exercise, it is equally important to exercise in the right way, especially during winter.


winter exercise


Without proper safety measures, heavy exercise can cause damage to your body, more than make it healthier. Here are some tips for a healthy exercise routine for winter.


  • Warm-Up: Winter makes your muscles tighter so it is very important to warm up before exercising in winter. Jumping straight into your exercise regimen can cause immense harm, even when temperatures are warm.
  • Insulation: Just because exercising can make you feel warm, doesn't mean that you ignore the sweaters. Wear several layers and don’t expose yourself to the elements. It could increase your risk of falling ill or catching a chill.
  • Water: Don’t neglect your intake of fluids just because you don't feel that thirsty. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while exercising, in winters or summers.


winter workout


  • Post-exercise care: Don’t immediately jump into a cold bath, or strip off your layers after your exercise regimen. A condition known as post-exercise hypothermia could set in when the body rapidly loses the heat it has accumulated. Take it slowly. Sit for a while and cool off before you jump into a bath.


An additional thing you can do to keep fit in winter is walk. It is so much easier to walk when the temperatures are not in the searing thirties and forties. Take advantage of the weather and let the car stay in the parking lot. Walk your way to health!


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  • aditi04 Nov 2012

    i feel very cold i winters .plz suggest some indoor exersices

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    Nice Precautions .

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