Why do Women Lie in Relationships?

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Jul 22, 2011

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Sad coupleNobody likes being lied to. At times relationships are infested with lies doesn’t survive long. It crumbles at one point in time. Find out why your girl/woman of your dreams would lie to you.


  • Lies usually cause a lot of trouble, pain and even hurt the partner If they are have long term commitments. However, the most common reason for women to lie is to hide her past. This can be seen as one of the most legitimate lies women tell to avoid confusion in their present relationship. Most women do not treat this as a dishonest step but go on to justify its contribution to a far less complicated present. Maybe she wants to begin anew or she is ashamed of her past and wants to hide some things.
  • She does not like a particular habit or a preference of yours and does not want to hurt you, a lie in such a situation is meant to keep the partner in the dark about her likes and dislikes.
  • Most women lie in order to present themselves in a positive or a glamorous light. This portrayal also is a sign of a different personality that she carries when in contact with her partner or the outside world. Women in such cases, either lie to become centre of attraction or interest For the man in question.
  • Women often lie to cover their vulnerable side. This can be overcome if the partner tries to be more comforting to her and wins her trust in the long run.
  • Women lie to save unnecessary fights. This is seen mostly in cases where the truth seems more damaging. This can range from spending time with a colleague at work or covering some guilt up that occurred unexpectedly. At times, truth can bring in more trouble and cause permanent damage to trust.
  • A woman would lie if she does not find her partner trustworthy. However, if she is hiding major issues, it is likely that she has bigger trust issues with you. She might want to do the cliché act of giving the partner a taste of his own medicine.


Lies plagued with malice can actually be gauged with ease if the partner keeps his eye open at all times in the relationship. Only you would know when to save the relationship and when to just let go and move on!


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